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The 5 most beautiful jerseys in the AC Milan history

The best kits worn by the Rossoneri in their first 120 years

The 5 most beautiful jerseys in the AC Milan history The best kits worn by the Rossoneri in their first 120 years

It was Milan-Sassuolo played yesterday afternoon the theatre for AC Milan's 120th anniversary, according to the legend founded on December 16th 1899 by a mixed group of Italians and English football fans who gave it the name of Football & Cricket Club. From that day on the Milanese team began a long history of triumphs, arriving at the top of the world but also touching the Serie B, progressively leaving their proletarian soul but never denying its colors: as stated by the historical founder Herbert Kilpin, red as the fire and the black as the fear that we will incite to the rivals. For years AC Milan was the most successful club in activity, thanks to the seven Champions Legue and the many international trophies, the Rossoneri team has often worn shirts that are not red and black. To pay homage to the 120th anniversary, which was celebrated by the current technical sponsor PUMA with a special jersey worn by the players during the Serie A match, let's quickly review five unforgettable kits of the history of the Milanese club.


ennerre home, 1983/1984

In addition to PUMA, adidas and Lotto, the pre-Berlusconi era AC Milan also wore Kappa and ennerre, the Italian brand that was incredibly popular, even abroad, during the 1980s. The beauty of this shirt, worn by players like Blissett and Baresi, is undoubtedly in its simplicity which enhances its colors.


Lotto away, 1995/1996

Wearing the white jersey, Milan won 6 Champions League, 1 European Super Cup, 1 FIFA Club World Cup and 1 Intercontinental Cup, enough to become one of the kits to which the Rossoneri fans are most addicted. The white in the background has often been broken by a red & black band, often horizontal, more rarely vertical than in the mid-1990s.


Lotto 4th kit, 1995/1996

Some leaks circulated in recent weeks concern it to be the away jersey for next season, remastered for the occasion by PUMA: the blue kit worn only once in over a hundred years of history is certainly an exception, but mostly a very cool job.


adidas, 1999/2000 (Centenary)

To celebrate the 100th birthday, adidas was clearly inspired by the first home kit of the Rossoneri, the one with very thin red and black vertical stripes where to affix not the usual crest, but the one with the St. George cross, the historic symbol of the city of Milan.


adidas third kit, 2013/2014

The golden one is nothing more than a remake of the sperimental jersey (and never worn in official matches) already in the 2004/2005 season: among the details there is the Rossoneri collar but above all the pocket, on which the German brand has decided to insert a small tricolor.