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Héctor Bellerín's shopping guide

The list of items selected by the Arsenal defender is awesome

Héctor Bellerín's shopping guide   The list of items selected by the Arsenal defender is awesome

Grandma's clothing factory near Barcelona has made Héctor Bellerín grow among been machines, needles, scissors and fabric skeins, forging his aesthetic taste, which makes the Arsenal full-back one of the most popular players even off the pitch.
In the last year Bellerín took beautiful analog photos during his knee injury rehab, took center stage (or runway) during the last Paris Fashion Week, promoted the collaboration between the Gunners and 424, he continued his battle as an environmentalist and was the face of endless fashion campaigns. The personality of the Spanish is difficult to decipher, as well as his style, before we were more used to seeing him wearing streetwear clothes and brands like Balenciaga, Fear of God, Needles, Revenge x Storm and more generally what we expect to see on football and NBA players. In the last months, Bellerín seems to have moved towards a more classic style, as explained by the same player: "It’s about having softer clothes and easier clothes to wear. You put them together in a more creative way."

In some shots for Matchesfashion in which Bellerín supervised the styling and selection of items, the full-back chose loved brands like Raf Simons - no longer with oversize sweaters but with a yellow shirt -, an Ann Demeulmesteer coat, Jil Sander sneaker, Jaquemus sweater, Haider Hackermann trousers and a white turtleneck, Marni Chelsea boots, rising brand like Our Legacy and of course Craig Green. The interest in Héctor Bellerín's outfits was born right after his appearance in the front row during a Christopher Raeburn show, wearing a Craig Green jacket.

The list of brands chosen by Bellerín continues with A.P.C, Maison Margiela, AMI, and others less known such as Raey, Namacheko, Pantherella and Wales Bonner, if you do not know them it is because Héctor Bellerín is a different footballer. A different hypebeast.

"My style is ‘a bit more easy, more timeless. I try to be more mindful of what I buy. Just playing around with more boring stuff to make it fun again."