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Eight wonderful golden football jerseys

Some examples of how gold matches perfectly with simplicity

Eight wonderful golden football jerseys Some examples of how gold matches perfectly with simplicity

With a season just around the corner, all the great clubs presented their Home and Away kits. Some top clubs like FC Barcelona and Juventus have surprised with particular designs, others like Inter or the PSG have focused on unusual but interesting color choices. Among the colors that are most unlikely to be used by clubs is gold, perhaps due to the responsibility and historical importance of this color, which over the years has characterized wonderful jerseys worn by big clubs like AC Milan, Arsenal or Juventus. The Bianconeri wore a gold kit during the famous match against Real Madrid on 5 November 2008, when a magnificent performance by Alex Del Piero made the whole Bernabeu stand up for an unforgettable standing ovation. We wanted to focus on this color with a thousand symbols and on some of those clubs that have included it in their shirts at least once in their history. There are champions and legends like Riquelme, Beckham, Kakà or Mandzukic, but also less famous and exotic teams.


Juventus, Away 2008/2009

Juventus' away jersey for the 2008/2009 jersey was created fulfilling the colours of the Old Lady, and especially at one, gold, since ever main secondary colour with blue (and pink). The result is a solemn jersey where gold is the absolute protagonist, accompanied by the white on the collar and the black on the Nike swoosh.


UNAM Pumas, Away & Third Kit

Of the beautiful Pumas' jersey, we talked some months ago, recounting the story and praising the iconic profile. Blue and gold are colours that match perfectly, and we can admire this on the away and third jerseys of the Mexican club, where generally speaking gold is the main colour comparing it to the home jersey - where the primary colour is blue.


Arsenal, Away 2015/2016

Signed PUMA and characterised by a particular rhombuses pattern, this Arsenal jersey renews the link between the Gunners and the colour gold, already worn in the past. The jersey is enriched by a motif that covers the sleeves, the shoulders and the collar in blue.


Barcellona, Away 2001/2002

In the 2001/2002 season, Barcelona played their away games with a golden jersey marked by a characteristic vertical blue stripe, that was accompanied by two slim red and blue stripes on its sides. This is the blaugrana's gold jersey par excellence, although another one was adopted a few years later. We talked months ago about this jersey, including it among those Barcelona's jersey to not forget.


AC Milan, Third Kit 2013/2014

Although they aren't living a good period, Milan is one of the few clubs that can always wear a gold jersey. Said than done: in the 2013/2014 season gold was the main colour of the third jersey, and it also appeared on the first and the second jersey.


Santos, Fourth Kit 2018/2019

Santos' Fourth Kit by UMBRO is simple: gold matched with white and black of the collar and the brandings. This makes the shirt of the Brazilians an example of how a jersey can be extraordinary with few details. Remarkable is also the pattern made with slim vertical stripes.


Manchester United, Third Kit 2001/2002

The third kit of Manchester United of the 2001/2002 season expresses what a respectable gold jersey should express: couragehonour and pride. Produced by UMBRO, this jersey was gold with black on the wide collar and on the insets on the sleeves, moreover than on the brandings on the centre of the shirt.


Benfica, Away 2011/2012

The Benfica's away jersey of the 2011/2012 season saw the return of the colour gold on the jersey of the Portuguese club. This time the secondary colour was black, used on the collar, on the sleeves and on the edge of the jersey, from the hips to the bottom. Black was also the adidas logo and the main sponsor, while the crest was enclosed by an overturned triangle. Oscar Cardozo and company reached the Champions League quarter-finals wearing this shirt.