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Eight totally gold-plated links

A colour rarely used but which has characterised several historic kits

Eight totally gold-plated links A colour rarely used but which has characterised several historic kits

The season is now upon us and all the big teams have presented their Home and Away kits. Among the many releases, yesterday Venezia, together with the Borsche studio, which in addition to designing the new logo also took care of the jerseys, amazed everyone once again, bringing back a colour that had not been seen on the pitch for a long time, gold. A difficult colour to use, both because of its strong hue and historical significance, although in the past many clubs have tried to create something unique by playing with shades of gold.

Although in many cases, several clubs have achieved a result that is too shiny or tends to yellow, technical sponsors have not stopped proposing it. In the case of Venezia, Kappa worked for months to create the right pantone that would not stand out too much once worn by the players, and after lengthy research together with the German studio, they arrived at this solution, elegant but extremely simple and impactful. Although not a common colour, over the years gold has nonetheless characterised several historic uniforms of European and other clubs, from AC Milan via Arsenal to Juventus and the UNAM Pumas.

Juventus - Away 2008/2009

The Juventus away jersey for the 2008/2009 season was created keeping faith with the colours of the Old Lady, and one in particular, gold, which has always been a secondary reference colour along with blue (and also pink). The result is a solemn uniform where gold is the absolute protagonist, accompanied by the white of the collar and the black of the Nike swoosh.

UNAM Pumas - Away & Third Kit

We talked about the wonderful Pumas jersey some time ago, recounting its history and praising its iconic profile. Blue and gold are colours that coexist perfectly together, and we can see this on the away jerseys and third kits of the Mexican club, where gold is usually the main colour compared to the home jersey - where it is blue.

Arsenal - Away 2015/2016

Signed PUMA and featuring a distinctive diamond pattern, this Arsenal uniform renews the link between the Gunners and the colour gold. The uniform is embellished with a pattern that covers the sleeves, shoulders and collar in blue.

Barcellona - Away 2001/2002

In the 2001/2002 season, Barcelona played its away matches wearing a gold coloured jersey with a distinctive blue vertical stripe, which in turn was accompanied by two thin red and blue stripes on its sides. It is the blaugrana's gold jersey par excellence, although another one was adopted a few years later. We also talked about this beautiful jersey a few months ago, counting it among the five Barcelona uniforms not to be forgotten.

Milan - Third Kit 2013/2014

Although not experiencing its heyday, AC Milan is one of the few clubs that can always afford to wear a gold-tinted shirt. Said and done: in the 2013/2014 season, gold was the central colour of the third jersey, and it also made an appearance on the first and second.

Santos - Fourth Kit 2018/2019

The Santos' UMBRO Fourth Kit is simple: gold combined with white and black collar and branding. This makes the Brazilians' shirt an example of how even with a few details a jersey can be extraordinary. Also noteworthy is the pattern of thin vertical stripes.

Manchester United - Third Kit 2001/2002

Manchester United's third jersey of the 2001/2002 season expresses everything a self-respecting gold jersey should: courage, honour and pride. Produced by UMBRO, this uniform was gold with black on the wide black collar and inserts along the sleeves, as well as branding in the centre of the shirt.

Benfica - Away 2011/2012

Benfica's away jersey for the 2011/2012 season saw the return of the colour gold on a shirt from the Portuguese club. This time the secondary colour was black, used on the collar, sleeves and all around the edge of the uniform, from the hips to the bottom. Also black was the adidas logo and the main sponsor, while the crest was enclosed by an inverted triangle. With this shirt, Oscar Cardozo and his teammates reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League.