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The value of the Premier League clubs' jersey sponsors continues to grow

This is what emerges from the latest report of the specialized website Sporting Intelligence

The value of the Premier League clubs' jersey sponsors continues to grow This is what emerges from the latest report of the specialized website Sporting Intelligence

There are only a few weeks to wait before the beginning of the 2019/2020 Premier League, the most popular and popular football league in the world as well as the one where the most money runs and, in this regard, Alex Miller of the specialized website Sporting Intelligence has published a very interesting study that gives us the opportunity to analyze the proceeds of the twenty top club from their sponsor jerseys' deals. As last year, the report makes the list of clubs in increasing order of collection, and this year too, what immediately comes to mind is that there has been yet another, notable, revenues' increase (the growth recorded is 7.2%), reached 349.1 million pounds, a frightening number compared to ten years ago.

At the top of the rankings also this year there's Manchester United, which is also thanks to its multi-million dollar deal with Chevrolet if it can afford to spend hundreds of millions of euros each year . The Red Devils are in their fifth season together with the well-known American car manufacturer, and their deal, which started at £ 47m a year this year, has risen to 64m, increasing by as much as 17m since last season and tracing a furrow of 21m difference with the team that occupies the second position in this list, Manchester City. The Citizens this year collect 45 million from Etihad, with whom the collaboration continues even after the recent technical supplier's change. In third position then, to "only" five million detached there are Arsenal (Fly Emirates), Chelsea (Yokohama) and Liverpool (Standard Chartered), while others five million more back there is Tottenham with AIA.

Dopo gli Spurs, le cifre si abbassano notevolmente: dietro al West Ham (10 milioni) the teams earn less and less until they drop to just 1.5 million which Brighton receives from American Express. One consideration makes us understand even better the evolution of recent years: Liverpool, which by virtue of its agreement earns 40 million and is third, nine years ago received half and was first in the standings. It's also necessary to talk about the sleeves sponsors, which eighteen teams out of twenty earn between 50 and 10 million pounds and contribute to further enrich the clubs.

As regards the nature of the companies that sponsor, this year too there is a massive presence of betting companies on Premier League clubs (ten out of twenty teams advertise gambling) despite the prohibitions related to football bets: we talked about it a few days ago about the Paddy Power campaign for Huddersfield Town. They are joined by airlines and finance companies - only Manchester United, Chelsea, Leicester and Southampton have opted for sponsors from other sectors. Finally, it should be pointed out that compared to last season the British sponsors have decreased again, from three to one (Standard Chartered on the Liverpool shirt is the only one left) while agreements with Asian companies have increased. In general, we can say that there is a slice of every continent in sponsoring the Premier League, a figure that reflects the current composition of the Premier League.