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nss Christmas Shopping Guide

10 gift tips by nss sports

nss Christmas Shopping Guide 10 gift tips by nss sports

If you are the kind of person who can not find the right gift for friends and relatives and you consider Christmas as one of the most critical moments of the year, this list of tips could be the resource that will make you live with less anxiety the days until December 25th. If the gifts you are looking for are for sports fans, they will be happy not to see you arriving empty-handed once again. Being inspired by the cold of this winter it would have been too easy. So we were inspired by your holidays in a tropical resort or by the paper ball that you just crumpled in the office, which could be thrown away only with a three-point throw.


Nike Squad Soccer Snood 

Prezzo: 20 €
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Canestro da ufficio


Prezzo: 13 €
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Camicia Own hawaiana del Napoli


Prezzo: 112 €
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Cinturino Apple Watch Nike


Prezzo: 60€
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Felpa Les Vêtements de Football 


Prezzo: 100 €
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Maglione di Natale della Juventus


Prezzo: 55 €
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"Filosofia del tennis. Profilo ideologico del tennis moderno" di Carlo Magnani


Prezzo: 12 €
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Canotta City Edition dei Miami Heat


Prezzo: 125 €
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Poster Jordan Wings

Prezzo: 54 €
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PlayStation Classic


Prezzo: 100€

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