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The Top 10 of the 2018/19 best training shirts

Not always the best gems are match shirts!

The Top 10 of the 2018/19 best training shirts Not always the best gems are match shirts!

Fashion football, just two words, a huge trend that mixes elements from both worlds. A term that we have heard many times over the last few years, but which has in reality always existed. However, it's often almost taken lightly. There is the "fault" to consider only and exclusively the game jerseys, while who has never thought about those of training? Worn only for a few minutes, sell definitely less, they have always been unimportant for the supporters' eyes, but recently the big international producers have been able to create authentic masterpieces, as in the case of South Korea pre-match jersey and above all Nigeria's one on the occasion of the last World Cup. In the wake of these two Nationals, Nike and other top brands have produced pre-match and training jerseys that have nothing to envy to the shirts that the players wear during usually the games: colorful and informal, with absolutely unusual and never banal patterns, have become very popular items for fans all over the world. So we made the Top 10 for you: after seeing them all, you can no longer complain about the fact that Nike produces always the same jerseys...


# 10 Celtic Glasgow, Training - New Balance

info: 48 €

Those of New Balance know how to do their work all right, and this year they have already made themselves known for a great shirt: the black and yellow one of the Celtic Glasgow. The complete line could not but also provide a workout shirt quite bizarre, electric: it seems that touching it you can take the shock...


# 9 Paris Saint Germain, Pre-Match - Nike

info: only kids sizes 

As you already know, this year the Parisian team will wear a double brand: in fact, Nike has been joined by Jordan, but only for the European games. What we want to dwell on, however, is designed by Matthew Wolff and is available in two different colors: navy blue and black. In both cases the shirt is literally full by the little lilies pattern, so as to resemble a wallpaper of the early '900.


# 8 Tottenham, Pre-match - Nike

info: 48 £


Compared to the training shirt that has nothing particularly distinctive, the pre-match jersey worn by Kane & Co is one of the goodies of this season, in line with the footprint given by Nike this year, especially with third shirts. The theme used for the Spurs is different from that adopted for many other teams sponsored by Swoosh and is based on a network of lines that cover only the top of the shirt, perhaps not to tire the eyes too much. Would you go out dressing this? We absolutely do.


# 7 Manchester City, Pre-Match - Nike

info: currently is not available, try on Amazon

Manchester City is not new to experiments involving pre-match jerseys, for example that on the occasion of the English title won last April they decided to create a limited edition shirt to celebrate the winning of the Premier League. This season, however, here is another absurd uniform, which combines together green, blue and black in an intriguing complex of horizontal lines of medium width. For the creation of this shirt Nike has drawn from the archives of the club, digging until 1999, the year in which the City wore a shirt with shades of color very similar to these, just to obtain a final product that, needless to say, deserves the everyone's attention on a par with a real game uniform. P.S.: the shirt retains the colors of the seasonal away jersey, also a tribute to the uniform of '99.


# 6 Colombia, Pre-Match - adidas

info: it's on sale and costs only $ 25

Similar to many other national adidas pre-match jerseys, the Colombian one it's different from the the 'colleagues' by presenting an eclectic purple that blends with blue in a plane of squares and rhombuses generated by narrow horizontal lines. The glance is very strong and expresses at best the exuberance of Cafeteros, while keeping the distances from traditional colors: the typical yellow of the South American national is only on the three stripes of the sleeves and on the logo of the German brand.


# 5 AS Roma, Goalkeeper Training - Nike

info: not for sale

No, the training uniform of the goalkeepers of Rome is not the same as Nigeria, but it is without doubt the result of bromance born last summer thanks to the official Twitter accounts, which became reality because the sponsor (Nike) is common to both. One thing is certain: similarity apart from the shirt is a real strength. Olsen and members this year will be able to boast of this special training uniform with green shades shaded with zig-zag pattern and really making a great impression.


# 4 Lazio, Pre-Match - Macron

info: £ 41.99 on the Macron site

We have already talked about how Macron has become a brand to watch more and more, but how many can you say about the Lazio pre-match shirt? This year it's impossible to find an ugly jacket for the biancocelesti, and even this uniform is proof of this. Gray anthracite, heavenly and tied to tradition like all the others, with a typical giant eagle. She's the surprise of this ranking, and also, alas, the last uniform not to be signed Nike. Do not worry, however, the next three jerseys will still make you jump out of the chair.


# 3 Zenit St. Petersburg, Pre-Match - Nike

info: 64.24 $

Our bronze medal goes to the Russians, who like every year do not disappoint under the stylish point of view. Their pre-match shirt is a déjà vu, in the sense that Nike has revived it in all the sauces (they use th zig zag pattern also for the Turkish and Polish National teams, for AS Monaco and Galatasaray, just to say few examples), making it absolute protagonist of this trend. If the pattern is the same as that of the African national team and Rome itself, the colors differ, varying on the electric tones of blue and blue. It is said that if you look at it too carefully for more than a minute you will end up hypnotized.


# 2 England, Dri-FIT Squad - Nike

info: € 55

I do not deny that it was complicated to decide which uniform to place on the second and first position between this and the next one you will see. In the end, the Three Lions had to settle for second place, despite the uniform deserves much more than the home jersey we see in the field. What about this shirt? Crazy, because I do not know how else to define it. Mainly white, the jacket presents the red and blue on the whole chest in a composition of rhombuses formed by thin and short vertical stripes, making it perhaps a little too similar to that of the US. It's already on my wish list.

Before getting to the number one position, it is right to mention some honorable mentions, which I had to remove only because it was impossible to put them all in a Top 10 but still deserve your attention. So, from hat to the pre-race uniforms of Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool and Inter Juventus.


# 1 Chelsea, Pre-Match - Nike

info: € 54.99

A fairy tale. First position obtained with difficulty but absolutely deserved. I do not think we've ever seen a Chelsea pre-match jersey so beautiful, so much so as to be even superior to the gambling shirts that this year are all but ugly. So what makes Chelsea's pre-match tunic so brilliant? Clearly the diagonal chess pattern that is very reminiscent of that of Croatia. The colors are blue and, in part, red, to paint a candid white background. The sponsor Carabao, the swoosh Nike and the crest of the Blues, then, almost ruin a shirt so beautiful that almost earn points if you strip any embossed patches and embroidery. Nothing to say: wonderful.