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Best football-fashion moments of the 2017/18 season

Because there's a reason if people call it "the beautiful game"

Best football-fashion moments of the 2017/18 season Because there's a reason if people call it the beautiful game

The ref whistle three times, the stadium gets empty, the players greet each other and get ready for vacations and we can only look with a hint of nostalgia to the last months, trying to remember all the good things happened. Like Brignoli’s goal against AC Milan. But as nss sports has much wider horizons than simple football, we decided to gather for you all the best football-fashion moments of the 2017/18 season.

One of the certainties that we had in the last months has been the progressive approach between these two worlds, that involved everyone, from brands to clubs, from footballers to media. That relationship that after the Nineties golden age seemed lost is now back strongly, placing the football shirt at the center of the world once again. So, here you have the highest football-fashion moments of the last season (randomly).


Paris Saint-Germain x Koché

During the last months, the Parisian club has been one of those we nominated the most talking about fashion. Parallel to Neymar’s arrival, PSG has started a series of very important collaborations (like the ones with Jordan, Colette, and The Rolling Stones), trying to candidate itself as the “most fashion club in Europe”. All started last Fall when Paris Saint-Germain presented its collection with Koché during the Fashion Week. It was a total blending of football and fashion, focused on the most iconic item of all: the shirt.


adidas Football x Gosha Rubchinskiy

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Russia, the Soviet designer worked hard on the partnership with adidas Football, bringing back the aesthetic from the Nineties with a touch of Russian rave culture and English terrace culture. The result is a series of World Cup-inspired drop that closed the gap between football and fashion even more.


Héctor Bellerín

Arsenal’s Spanish fullback has been the reveal of the football-fashion season, without a doubt. Maybe the supporters won’t be as pleased as we are, but the 23-years old Catalan has proven himself worthy of the “fashion victim” label. From his appearances at the Fashion Week to his participation to social events, Héctor has always been at his best.


David Beckham x Neymar Jr. x Kevin Trapp

And talking about Fashion Weeks, how not to talk about the offensive trio that we were able to admire last January in Paris? An astonishing Parterre de Roi, made by Neymar Junior - that is representing PSG both inside and outside the pitch at his best - and David Beckham, that needs no introduction when it comes to fashion. Oh, and also Kevin Trapp, that made his debut in Paris high-fashion industry.


Off-White x Nike Football “World Cup” collection

We talked about the collabo between Virgil Abloh and the Swoosh’s Football division over and over. In the last months, we were able to see almost the entire World Cup-inspired collection, maybe the highest point reached by the blend of football and fashion. With the gem of the Off-White Nike Mercurial Vapor 360, worn by Kylian Mbappé in the last weeks.


Bonus #1: Royalty

A couple of quick bonuses: the first has to be for Sir David, that at the Royal Weeding outscored every other guest with one of Kim Jones’ first designs for Dior Homme.


Bonus #2: La Joya 

A call for merit also for Paulo Dybala, that during the last Fashion Week in January took the runway for Dolce & Gabbana.