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Last shot: the final act of the history of MJ told by Nike

The special collection The Art of Champion celebrate the shot that awarded to Jordan the sixth title

Last shot: the final act of the history of MJ told by Nike The special collection The Art of Champion celebrate the shot that awarded to Jordan the sixth title

There is no best way to start the NBA playoffs than trying to remember a selection of the best moments that made the history, and their protagonists. Nike celebrates the NBA postseasons through its athletes, narrating 16 special moments, as the wins to conquer the title. The Art of  Champion is a collection of 16 iconic Nike silhouettes that bring us in the Playoff history and tell us the achievements that cemented 16 athletes among basketball loyalty. Among the moments selected by Nike, has to be absolutely mentioned the last shot with the Bulls of His Airness, Michael Jeffrey Jordan.


The Game

Game 6 of the NBA finals in Salt Lake City, the Jazz down in the series 2-3 have the opportunity to tie on their court. The incredible couple of the Utah Jazz, Stockton-Malone, after the game 5 win in Chicago wants to turn the series.The game was tough and the Bulls were down by one, Utah’s ball. With 30 seconds to go, Stockton put the ball down in the post to Malone, the time was running, Jordan left his man and as a feline, stoled the ball from the hands of the Jazz forward.

The face of thousands of Utah supporters changed immediately, and everybody in that arena knew who had taken the final shot. Jordan driving right at the top of the key, leaving the defender with a crossover collected himself and raised up.

Let’s stop on this scene.

Millions of people were watching that guy from Brooklyn, leaving the ball, after 5 rings and 5 MVPs of the finals, in his last game with the Bulls jersey, and everybody knew what was going to happen. The ball touched lightly the net, was in. In the last five seconds remaining Stockton tried the tree but the time wasn’t enough and hit the rim.

Bulls won the title.



The Shoe

Michael left that ball and scored 45 points in that game 6 wearing for the first time in that season a new model of his signature line, a pair of black and red shoes characterized by a unique design never seen before, the Jordan XIV. Black Premium leather with red details characterized this silhouette released in 1999, the last design of the famous Tinker Hatfield in the Jordan signature line. The shoes take inspiration from Jordan Ferrari 512 Testarossa and it’s easily recognizable all over the shoe. With the side, logo recalling the Ferrari sign, and the rubber part on the back that look like a tire tread, the Jordan XIV aggressive design it’s clearly racing-derived. Built for both speed and control with dual zoom units, the colorway called The Last Shot will remain in the history as the shoe used in the last shoot of the GOAT.

If you want to know more about the history behind the Jordan XIV, and other four shoes that made the history of NBA we suggest you come to the presentation event of "The Art of Champion" on Saturday 14th April in Milan in Piazza Gae Aulenti at the Airness store. Five of the sixteen shoe models will be presented and talk about the NBA and sneaker will be the youtuber Luis Sal, the Sky Sports commentator Alessandro Mamoli and the Rolling Stones journalist Matteo Zampollo; followed by Santamanu DJ-set and Coma Cose concert. The store will also feature the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, the trophy awarded by the National Basketball Association to the winning team.