Hector Bellerin knows how to get noticed: he seems to embody the "new footballer" prototype, with a direct relationship with his fans (especially on Instagram) and a careful management of his public image. In less than a year, he has become the "best dressed" player in Europe hands down, a pioneer in untying the image of footballers from a tacky fashion by taking pictures with the Balengiaca sneakers on the runways of the London fashion week. In February, Bellerin was invited by the Oxford Union to hold a panel on what it means to be a professional footballer in 2018, responding brilliantly to questions about cultural differences between London and Barcelona and the importance of having interests other than football. Yesterday, the well-known American website The Players Tribune published a short video interview in which the Arsenal full-back explains the reasons that led him to choose a vegan diet: Started as an experiment at the beginning of this season Bellerin decided to marry the diet in toto.