In the biggest sports events, there’s always a distinctive element, that is almost always ignored: the commentary. On the other hand, one of the elements that made a commentary better or worst is the very one of not distracting the spectators from what happens on the pitch, driving them through goals, baskets, touchdowns and any other notable event. This doesn’t mean that the commentaries are unconsidered, quite the opposite. The most important moment of sports is often characterized by the words and voices of those who tell them, via tv or radio.

And as nowadays, thanks to the virality of videos on social media, WhatsApp, and any other digital devices, we are all surrounded by a loop of images and audios about sports, we thought to challenge you about a quite actual subject: the Champions League.

nss sports presents The Greatest Supporter - Champions League edition An audio clip and a question. Are you enough of greatest supporters to know the answer? | Image 0

Tonight, after a few months of pause, the most important international football tournaments returns with the Last Sixteen. nss sports and nss factory wanted to challenge you, testing your knowledge of La Coupe aux Grandes Oreille (The cup with big ears). The ingredients are the same of the past edition: an audio clip, a question, and four answers.  

Will you be able to prove yourselves as the “greatest supporters”? You just have to take your headphones and give it a try.