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#HereToCreate: the four challenges

Power, precision, elegance and street: 4 challenges for 4 teams of creators

#HereToCreate: the four challenges Power, precision, elegance and street: 4 challenges for 4 teams of creators

Do you remember when you used to challenge your friends in the street to shoot the most powerful ball or place the ball in a can trash? With this exact spirit, adidas challenged in Milan four teams of football creators, on and off the pitch: nss sports, Tango Squad, Calciatori Brutti & Gli Autogol and Calcetto EleganzaThe whole battle between the four teams is told on the #HereToCreate online hub, where you watch the short movie, read about the teams' football philosophy and buy the adidas boots that the players wore in the game.

But speaking about the challenges, let's see how were the challenges of this clash.


Power Challenge

Simply and brutal: the first challenge aimed to measure the strength of the team. It's not just a matter of muscles, the angle of impact with the ball and the ability to put all the power in a single leg. Among all the players, Antonio Pallotta from nss sports set the record for the most powerful shot: 105 km/h. He was probably thinking really hard to Roberto Carlos and Adriano.


Precision challenge

An old commercial claim was "Power is nothing without control". In the second challenge, the teams had to prove this concept with a precision shot. Two targets were placed in the high angle of the door: the team that busted them more time was Tango Squad, the aggressive kids with velvet feet and a full Instagram feed.


Street challenge

For the third challenge, the teams went back to the origins where football was born: on the street. Generations of players were formed by the street game, it helps to improvise and to dribble unexpected obstacles. The teams had to put the ball in a trash can with a single touch, guess who won? Of course, Calciatori Brutti & Gli Autogol, ambassadors of the country football played in hardcore pitches.


Elegance challenge

Last but not for list, the last challenge offered the teams the opportunity to shine with a fancy and elegant goal. After a brief obstacle course, they had to score a goal with the most elegant technical gesture. The dominators of the challenge were Calcetto Eleganza, the most fashion-oriented team. For them, the football is an act of beauty, like a Zidane's rouleta or a Kakà's accelaration.

Check all the challenges, the teams and the boots on the #HereToCreate online hub.