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We tell you about "La Vie en Rose Zizou", FOKOHAELA latest creation

We chatted with one of the most creative designer in football right now

We tell you about La Vie en Rose Zizou, FOKOHAELA latest creation  We chatted with one of the most creative designer in football right now

We’ve talked many times of LosDejos, and of his application of the Liverpool jersey or of the protest shirt he realized against Trump. We’ve talked about him because we were shocked by his ideas and the stylistic perfection on the application. A totally revolutionary way of conceiving a football shirt that found its place in a market that is constantly changing and that is now a strong trend. A trend where we’re sure, he can find his niche.

Today LosDejos, with the new project FOKOHAELA, released the first pictures – and we’re glad to show them to you – of his new work. It is called “La Vie en Rose Zizou” and is the ending of a project he developed years ago. We contacted him in order to know more about the release…

Where did the idea of this tee come from?

The theme comes from my first shirt, the home shirt based on La Vie en Rose, Edith Piaf's famous song. I changed the idea to La Vie en Bleu, as the French team is called "Les Bleus". So the roses were changed to blue.  15 for 1915, Piaf's birth year. This pink shirt is the away shirt from this concept.

Could you describe this jersey in details?

The roses are still blue, but a pink shirt because pink shirts rock.  There's also a rose vine/branch tricolor striping on the sleeves. I've actually updated the design from these pics to a rose with a branch that wraps around the sleeve. These shirts are available as made-to-order now if customers contact me directly. Otherwise, they will be part of a few more shirts from my brand FOKOHAELA, launching in July for Spring/Summer '18. In the future, I will make more France shirts, probably once a year, because I got into football design from seeing the old adidas France shirts as a child.

Which were you experiences in the field?

I was a designer at adidas football for 5 years, and was able to design France's kits for the 2010 World Cup.  Unfortunately, they played horribly.