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All the best sports-inspired TV commercials with a great soundtrack

Can you remember all the best ones?

All the best sports-inspired TV commercials with a great soundtrack Can you remember all the best ones?

Let’s be honest: none of the commercials would be the same without a great song as a soundtrack. This element clearly becomes more and more important to all the people interested in launching a successful product. Regarding this fact, the sports’ commercials have always had a strong relationship with music: since the ‘90s several spots were produced based also on the song behind it. We could remember many commercials were we were just looking for the song that was played on it. 

Recently adidas launched the Manchester United away kit, finding inspiration from one of the most important Red Devils’ jersey. The leading figures have been Paul Pogba and Desiigner, the American rapper that came from nowhere becoming famous all around the world thanks to his hit “Panda”. As we have seen, the sportsman and artists duo is growing up leading commercials to another level. For nss sports, we tried to collect few of the best sports’ commercials which have had a strong relationship with music. Below you can find our picks! 


Paul Pogba & “Outlet” by Desiigner


Maldini x Opel & "Born Slippy" by Underworld 

It was 1995 and Paolo Maldini was picked to act in the Opel commercial; at that time, Opel was also the AC Milan main sponsor. “Born Slippy” became a huge success all around the world.


Brasil National team & “Mais Que Nada” by Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66

One of the most iconic spots in sports’ life: the Brazilian soccer team has had fun at the airport onto the latin melodies produced by Sergio Mendes. Fun as hell.


NBA Playoff & “#thatPOWER” by 

Another huge spot produced for the NBA 2013 Playoffs: the Miami Heat led by James and Wade beat the Spurs, giving us one of the most inspiring stories to tell. The rest has been set up by


Colin Kaepernick X Beats by Dre & “The Man” by Aloe Blacc 

This commercial merge music, sport, and social aspects. The football rising star Colin Kaepernick, who became famous because of his maverick action during an NFL match, was chosen by Beats to act in one of the best spots we have seen so far. The best solution seems to be to listen to a great song thanks to great headphones. Do not give up Colin.


Iverson X Reebok & Freestyle by Jadakiss

Last, but not for importance, is a memorable basketball spot: Reebok, which at that time was really strong in the US market, was sponsoring Allen Iverson. The number 3 became the protagonist of the new Rshoe’s shoe launch, where his friend Jadakiss was rapping describing the inner qualities of The Answer. Enjoy.