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At la Joya's feet

Other than by all the biggest clubs in the world, Paulo Dybala is also contended by the most important sports brands

At la Joya's feet Other than by all the biggest clubs in the world, Paulo Dybala is also contended by the most important sports brands

Argentinian, left-handed, born in 1993, Paulo Dybala is proving to be one of the most important talents in the world's football panorama. After winning the championship with Juventus in his first year, this season he was waited for the litmus test, confirming the second year. He was bought by Palermo for two seasons for about 40 million euros, “la Joya” is proving to be worth the price tag: his performances in this last edition of the Champions League showed all the qualities of the number 21 “bianconero”, who dragged Juventus into the semi-final with two goals in Barcelona.

In 2012, Paulo was bought by Palermo for a record amount of 12 million: this is where the Italian adventure of the Argentinian talent started. The pressures are a lot since many people are aware of the qualities of the new player “rosanero”: he will stay in Palermo for three long and intense years where he will show all his potential, especially in the last season.

The transfer to Juventus in 2015 definitively marks Dybala's career: he grew up in Argentina, losing his father, his first fan when he was a teenager. From here it begins his climb to success that will bring him to wear the club's most titled shirt in Italy and launch his new exultation: the Dybalamask. In addition, a few days ago it was confirmed the renewal of his contract for another 5 years with Juventus: this piece of news was in the air, although it was expected. As known, the biggest clubs in the world had put their eyes on the Argentinian talent who, wisely, decided to continue his career with the white jersey.

And here a new page in Dybala's football history starts. In fact, “la Joya” has been wearing Nike since he started playing in Italy with the “rosanero” shirt and becoming one of the leading batons of Mercurial. However, the contract with the American giant has now been expired for a few months, leaving the Argentinian with the choice whether to continue with Nike or change brand. Currently, Dybala always plays with a pair of costumed Nike total black, waiting to receive the right proposal. At the moment, it would seem that several brands have been trying to win the trust of the Argentinian who, from his side, has no hurry to decide. The renewal of the contract with Juventus could also be decisive regarding Paulo's boots: adidas, Juventus's official sponsor for two years, could succeed in convincing Dybala's, building around the figure of the Argentinian a real sports movement, making him the leader of the team.

Nike, on the other hand, has no intention of losing the talent born in ‘93, as it happened several years ago with Leo Messi. But in this view, it seems more difficult for the American brand to convince Dybala again, especially because there is no lack of competition. Under Armour, another American brand, known by football lovers, is investing huge sums of money in several top-ranking players from various sports: Steph Curry and Tom Brady on all, have become the flagship testimonials of a brand that is trying to expand into Europe, the market so far less controlled. For this reason, Dybala could be the golden opportunity to launch its product into a market that has so far been commanded by Nike, adidas, and PUMA.