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nss social club  16.01

Social networks are becoming an increasing constant for almost every sports athlete in their everyday life: the weekend seems to be the moment where players and fans have the highest level of expressivity and creativity amongst others. For this reason, nss sports decided to launch a new weekly social section: indeed every Monday the Social Club will keep you company, a state of being where we will illustrate the most important matches during the weekend with a focus on Seria A, Premier League and Liga

Our object is to narrate the weekend in an uncommon way, funny, free and without criticism and debates: we believe that the best way to do so is through nice pictures or amusing videos, always taking care about the beauty that football offers us daily. 

This weekend Seria A and Premier League are challenged at the Social Club: we chose four matches, two for each league, which were relevant to us both from a football point of view and social networks. We will see which league will play better his cards to be the Social Winner!



For the Blues, after the defeat against Tottenham few weeks ago, it could have been a tough weekend against Ranieri’s Leicester considering Diego Costa was not going to play. The striker showed his love for the club in this way! 

Una foto pubblicata da Diego Costa (@diego.costa) in data:

Marcos Alonso has been a surprising hero for Chelsea last Saturday: he scored two goals and he probably were not even expecting that against the Foxes. 

During the week there were the NBA Global Games in London: at the game Marcos Alonso and Pedrito were present and it seems that it brought them good luck considering their great performance on Saturday! 

If Chelsea in leading the Premier League, Conte has great responsibilities: thanks to his hard work he is succeeding in something where totally unpredictable for many when the season started. Congrats Antonio

Una foto pubblicata da Chelsea FC - Official (@chelseafc) in data:


Napoli’s supporters have embraced Pavoletti with love and affection: many fans participated at San Paolo celebration and we like to enjoy it through they eyes of a fan!  

Una foto pubblicata da Antonio Ruotolo (@antony_napoli1983) in data:

When Diego is in Naples, the city stops: the Gomorra series famous actor Salvatore Esposito wanted to greet Maradona in the best way possible. His tweet went viral considering his passion for Napoli. 

Even though Massimo Oddo’s team is not having a good time, the transfer market window is giving to team from Abruzzo important players to achieve their goals: let’s see if Gilardino will be able to give his great contribution! 

The Belgian sprite is in an incredible shape: last Sunday Mertens scored his 50th goals with Napoli. Come on Dries! 

Una foto pubblicata da SSC Napoli (@officialsscnapoli) in data:

Manchester United-Liverpool 

The challenge of the challenges: for this through social channels, United decided to make their fans witnesses of the best goal ever made at Old Trafford against Liverpool. This goal by Dimitar Berbatov can only leave everyone speechless!

Before the match, Old Trafford stood still to remember with a minute of silence Graham Taylor, former player, coach and coach of the English national team. A minute of silence in fact, not of applause.

Una foto pubblicata da Manchester United (@manchesterunited) in data:

A great picture of the penalty scored by Milner: 0-1 Liverpool.

Ibracadabra was also decisive this time: his header gave the United a draw that seemed doomed to loose. 



Last week Pitti Uomo took place in Florence: as pictured by Federico Chiesa, Fiorentina did not miss the opportunity to assist to one of the most important fashion events in Italy. 

Una foto pubblicata da Federico Chiesa (@fedexchiesa) in data:

Last year a goal by Mandzukic and a goal by Morata gave the victory to Juve: let’s watch the Mandzukic goal from a different and animated perspective! 

The Fiesole stand created a great choreography at “Franchi” for Giancarlo Antognoni: the snapshot took by a viola’s fan tell us how electrifying the atmosphere was last night. 

Una foto pubblicata da LaSolitAnita (@lasolitanita) in data:

Art, speed and precision: Bernardeschi and Kalinic produced a brilliant action for the Fiorentina 1-0. Enjoy!