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The Anthem Jackets of the French National Team are beautiful

One of the highlights of this national break

The Anthem Jackets of the French National Team are beautiful One of the highlights of this national break

It has been a busy week for the National teams, who first saw the debut of their new jerseys made by their technical sponsors and then wore them on the pitch in both friendly matches and qualifying games for Euro2024. As always, there were comments about the new kits, divided between enthusiasm and skepticism, but along with the jerseys, all the other items that will make up the official uniforms of the Federations in their upcoming international matches were also presented: training kits, pre-match jerseys, and Anthem Jackets. These have once again played an important role in defining the aesthetic profile of teams, both at the club and National level, and at the moment, no one has better ones than the French National team.

The team of Didier Deschamps took to the field to listen to La Marseillaise for the two friendly matches against Germany and Chile, wearing two different jackets that reflect the style and philosophy of the game kits, but adding another layer of style and elegance. In fact, the jackets are made in the 80s style of acetate tracksuits, with a high collar and elasticized cuffs. What sets them apart in this case are the colors, a perfect shade of blue that complements the tones of the Home jersey, while the Away version is white with dark blue accents, and the details, such as the oversized embroidered logo of the French Federation and the collar and cuffs in the colors of the tricolor.

While various teams are differentiating and innovating the way their players take to the pitch, France has relied on tradition by bringing back the colors and designs that brought success to the National team in the early 80s, when they won their first international trophies. Now all the focus is on Euro2024, where they come as one of the top contenders for the title and definitely one of the best-dressed National teams, thanks to the excellent work done by Nike for both the game kits and the entire outfit of the French players. As shown by their arrivals at Clairefontaine for training camps, they take great care in always being dressed impeccably.