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Endrick is New Balance lastest testimonial

Is he truly ready to become the most famous footballer in the world already?

Endrick is New Balance lastest testimonial Is he truly ready to become the most famous footballer in the world already?

In a surprising move, New Balance has signed Endrick until 2028. For those unfamiliar with the player, Endrick is the next big global star in football. A 17-year-old Brazilian forward, Endrick plays for Palmeiras but is owned by Real Madrid. The Merengues acquired him in December 2022 for 60 million euros, just two months after his professional debut at the age of 16. He will arrive in Europe next summer, once he turns 18. In the meantime, he has been setting records one after another. For instance, on November 17, he became the fourth youngest player ever to debut for the Brazilian national team. Watching him play immediately gives the sensation of being in front of a generational talent. He quickly stopped playing the role of a social media phenomenon, aiming to become a true player. As such, he sought a technical sponsor who would treat him like a superstar. In the end, New Balance won out with an offer that many have compared to the one Nike made to Michael Jordan before his NBA debut. This offer includes the opportunity to create a product line under his name. In the meantime, the first result of this agreement was a golden and black football boot that Endrick showcased during the Seleção's training camp.

In anticipation of his arrival in Europe, Endrick has started working on his image and public perception. Helping him in this mission is Roc Nation, the agency founded by Jay-Z, which has been managing his rights since expanding into Brazil by acquiring TFM Agency. The keyword is humility: Endrick wants to appear as a grounded young man. He recently gave an interview in which he answered in both Spanish and English, emphasizing that he must be mentally and culturally prepared for the challenges ahead: «As a footballer, the most important thing you can do is invest in your personal and professional development.» In another interview with TNT Sports BR, he stated that he's not a big fan of nightlife and prefers an evening at home with family over parties. We don't want to bet everything on the idea that Endrick will become the prototype of a model footballer: the foundations are solid, but they count very little when faced with the unpredictability that only this sport can offer. Because the young talent has yet to arrive in Europe, we must wait before forming a definitive judgment. What impact will he have with Real Madrid in terms of the environment, society, the city, or simply the workload?

On the last aspect, there shouldn't be any concerns. Endrick boasts a meticulous work ethic that in some way parallels Cristiano Ronaldo's ascent, whom Endrick has identified as one of his role models. In Brazil, he was celebrated for the style he showcased on the day of his arrival at the national team's training camp. No headphones or particularly eccentric accessories; Endrick showed up at the hotel in full Gucci: shirt, pants, shoes, backpack, and suitcase. He follows a specific dietary regimen and works diligently on his physique. He pays attention to every detail to present the public with the image of a mature young man despite not having reached the age of majority. All signals point in the direction of a player fully aware of the destiny that awaits him. Of course, there's also the field, and there too Endrick has displayed flashes of dazzling talent, the most recent being a goal against Botafogo born from a dribble in which he controlled the ball with his knee. He is destined to take the stage, to become the world's most famous footballer. It's just a matter of time, and the clock is ticking fast.