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The Manchester United kits are too tight

Metaphor for the Red Devils' season

The Manchester United kits are too tight Metaphor for the Red Devils' season

The season for Manchester United, the second under the management of Erik Ten Hag, is not going smoothly. As if the disappointing results in the Premier League weren't enough, including the recent derby loss, last night they suffered a 3-0 home defeat against West Ham, which led to the Red Devils' elimination from the EFL Cup. In this dark period, issues related to the on-field performance of the eleven players are not the only problem that has arisen in Manchester. In fact, in recent hours, several news outlets have reported that Manchester United players have been playing with the replica version of the kit for more than a few matches (precisely since the second game of this season, against Tottenham). The players have expressed their desire to take the field with a looser game shirt. The criticism doesn't stop at the jerseys; according to some United players, even the socks are too tight, causing discomfort in the calf area.

In this complaint saga, André Onana has become the absolute protagonist. The Cameroonian goalkeeper, who is going through one of the worst moments of his career in terms of football, had opted for a larger size of his game uniform since the beginning of the season, but he continued to use the match version. Following the victory against Sheffield United, he too had to concede to the discomfort complained about by his teammates. Some have even joked about a kind of curse left behind by David De Gea, the former goalkeeper of the Red Devils, who became a free agent at the end of last season, not ending his long love story with United on the best terms. Last year, the Spaniard had complained that the uniforms were too tight, prompting adidas to address the alleged issue. What the German brand and Manchester United will do to address the players' complaints is yet to be discovered. The kit issue in Manchester adds to the tragicomic circle of a club that seems unable to return to its former glory.