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Who invented the Scudetto?

History of the most coveted patch in Italy

Who invented the Scudetto? History of the most coveted patch in Italy

The history of Italy's top championship, the most coveted one, the Serie A, began in 1898 with the organisation of the first official championship, and since then all teams, even the less technically gifted, have been trying to win the title. A patch that is worth a lot, certainly from a symbolic as well as an economic point of view, for what it represents, attesting to the highest possible recognition in the national arena. And its introduction obviously has very distant origins, even though it has not been in use since the first edition of the championship. In fact, it all started from an idea of Gabriele D'Annunzio who, during a match between soldiers, made the Italians wear a jersey with only the tricolour instead of the Savoia one, of 'ancient Samnite' shape, according to the heraldic definition. And it was precisely that shape that inspired the league leaders in 1924 when they decided to put a significant recognition on the champions' jersey. 

And the first to play with the special patch and the most coveted recognition from that moment on was Genoa, in 1925. It was certainly another football and completely another league, some of the teams present today were not yet present and above all the league itself was completely different. The fact is that from that moment on, the team that managed to become champion of Italy had the right and the duty to put it on its jersey, always in the middle and of the same size, or almost. The common patch, as you might think, is now made by brands that apply it directly to the jersey, no artisans or specialised tailors, contrary to what you might think, in a country like Italy famous for its manufacturing. A historical and simple but absolutely impactful design that someone had thought of changing over time but with poor results. The patch in fact, approaching 100 years since its first application, is now an irreplaceable element, something impossible to change or modify given its importance even if we often take it for granted.