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How much do the German cups weigh?

A question only Bayern Munich's players can answer

How much do the German cups weigh? A question only Bayern Munich's players can answer

Raising a cup is the most glorious moment in any sport. Whether it's Cannavaro in Berlin, Michael Jordan on the parquet of the United Centre or Roger Federer on the turf of Wimbledon, the moment of handing over the trophy always has an epic aftertaste, as if one actually enters history the moment one touches the prize. All the cups tell a story, made by great craftsmen and misadventures, by peculiar designs to outsize, made by men who have made iconic competitions through symbols. 

After discovering the weight of the Italian, English and European cups, today we go to the German ones. Trophies that have nothing to envy from their predecessors, even those delivered in Germany in fact ooze history and are conceived and handmade by historic goldsmiths, who over the years have also been meticulously creating and restoring their creations, almost all of them circular in shape. 

In Germany, as in Italy, there are three best-known competitions: the League Cup, the Super Cup, and of course the league, the Bundesliga. All trophies have a different history and as in other leagues they do not all weigh the same, although the German cups are among the lightest in Europe. The Meisterschale was designed by artist Elisabeth Treskow with its unmistakable circular shape in silver set with 16 tourmalines and a total diameter of 59 centimeters, reaches 11 kilograms in weight.

Completely different in design, on the other hand, are the League Cup and Super Cup, which share the shape and weight. The DFB-Pokal what is the counterpart of the Coppa Italia in Germany, weighs 6.25 kilograms and resembles a large gold-plated mug. The DFL SuperCup weight instead a little more than 6 kilograms, but it is one of the youngest trophies in European soccer, having been established only in 2007. In fact, the ball accompanied by the two towers took the place of the famous DFL-Ligapokal, a federation-organized tournament that always took place in August.