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Manchester City's pre-match 10th anniversary of league victory


Manchester City's pre-match 10th anniversary of league victory Agueroooooooo

In football there are years, moments, plays, goals and championships that are impossible to forget. For Manchester City, one of those moments is undoubtedly the Premier League they won against the other City team exactly ten years ago with Aguero's unforgettable 93rd minute goal. To celebrate this title that has remained in history, PUMA has created a pre-match jersey with white and blue horizontal stripes with the name and number of the player who decided the match, Sergio Aguero, on the back. The shirt was of course released in a limited edition and was first launched on FIFA, the famous video game sponsor of Khaldun al-Mubarak's team.

Training kits and warm-up kits (pre-match uniforms) are becoming an increasingly important part of team merchandising, with sponsors now providing two to four different kits to be used throughout the season. Items with which brands can give free rein to their creativity and where they are free to be daring in proposing designs and patterns that have nothing to do with the history of the team. The obvious example is this shirt, where for the first time in its history Manchester City has adopted a kit with horizontal stripes, including white, a colour that over the years has almost completely disappeared from the jersey of Guardiola's team.