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Palermo's new Kappa jerseys for the 2021-22 season

Palermo and Kappa restart from the past

Palermo's new Kappa jerseys for the 2021-22 season Palermo and Kappa restart from the past

Inspired by the first book of the Bible, Genesis, Kappa and Palermo have presented the new shirts that will accompany the Rosanero in the new Lega Pro season. And they will do so with three shirts that have their roots in history. The two-colour design of the first Rosanero shirt in Palermo's history is back in the home shirt. A jersey reminiscent of the one made by adidas for Juventus in 2019, with the social colours equally divided and a small central stripe, in Palermo's case golden, in the centre of the jersey. The main novelty is undoubtedly that after so many years of almost exclusive prevalence of the colour pink, black returns as a protagonist as never before, the two colours have been balanced by Kappa in a perfect way.

In addition to the first home jersey, Kappa and Palermo have also presented the other two jerseys that will accompany the Sicilian capital's team on their climb up the Serie B ladder. Like the first jersey, the second has a very precise historical reference. The all-white jersey is based on the style of Palermo's 'pouchain' from the late 1970s. A style that in those years had also been adopted by some of the shirts of the most emblazoned teams in Serie A and also in the playing fields we have seen in recent weeks, an iconic model never gone out of fashion.

What attracts the most attention is the third jersey, designed in an unusual "military" camouflage on different shades of black and pink. Kappa is no stranger to such initiatives, having already created a camouflage jersey for Napoli, and is now trying again with a team from southern Italy. A style never seen before for a Palermo shirt, which this time, for the third outfit, puts aside the homage to the shirts of the past and focuses on a more modern and international personality. All Palermo shirts are ultra-lightweight and the Kombat System technology offers even more elasticity and comfort. 

The Palermo jerseys are available online.