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Napoli goalkeeper jerseys by Armani

Real flames for the partenopei like Japan in '96

Napoli goalkeeper jerseys by Armani  Real flames for the partenopei like Japan in '96

After the delay in the self-production of the new shirts and a pre-season played with Kappa material, last night Napoli finally debuted and played for the first time with kits designed by Giorgio Armani. What certainly caught the eye were the goalkeeper's jerseys which made their debut yesterday as the first classic in Azzurri, virtually the same as last season's, on the playing field. Unlike the three jerseys that will be worn by the movement players designed in blue, red and white, a colour that brings to mind Diego Armando Maradona's 1987-88 season, the goalkeeper's jersey stands out for its tone on tone design where flames stand out, an inspiration that most likely comes from Vesuvius, one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to its explosive characteristics. The shirt worn by Alex Meret last night against newly promoted Venezia is reminiscent of the iconic 1997 Japan jersey produced by adidas and the one made by PUMA in collaboration with nss, a tribute to Vesuvius and the other volcano located in Kagoshima, Mount Sakurajima.

After having dressed the Olympic national team and basketball with Olimpia Milano, now Giorgio Armani has arrived for the first time in the world of football and even here he has been able to surprise. Yesterday, the green jersey made its debut, but the same jersey with the same design was also designed in a different colourway, all orange and very similar to the one produced by Asics in 1998 for the Japanese national team, specifically for the historic goalkeeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi.

Between 1996 and 1998, the Japanese national team had a series of jerseys with a bombastic design featuring the fiery demons of the underworld on the sleeves. From Japan to Italy, fire now returns to the forefront, a tribute to that volcano, symbol and emblem of Naples.