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The 2021/2022 PSG away jersey

The swoosh returns for the first pink jersey

The 2021/2022 PSG away jersey The swoosh returns for the first pink jersey

This morning Nike and Paris Saint Germain have officially presented the new away jersey for next season accompanied by a lifestyle collection. After presenting the first Jordan jersey a few months ago, the classic swoosh is back on the Parisian team's jerseys. The new uniform is white with black and pink, colours also present on the sleeves, which form the central Hechter strip, the classic vertical bar that has accompanied the club since its foundation. What is surprising is the use of the colour pink, which has never been used before in the history of Paris. The away jersey has almost always been white with the addition of small inserts referring to the club's social colours.

Given the recent protests, the Hechter design could not be missing, considered a stylistic institution and an inescapable symbol of PSG. On this year's first jersey it is missing and this has sparked the ire of the fans as Daniel Hechter is considered one of the founding fathers of Paris Saint-Germain. Also in line with Nike's Move to Zero programme, the new jersey, like all Nike jerseys, is made from 100% recycled polyester. 

And as usual, Paris has also released a lifestyle collection with several items designed for everyone, expressing the club's spirit of innovation and its deep connection with the city of Paris, from the classic lily also present in the club's logo and emblem of royalty in France, to the use of the word "Paname" one of the many "nicknames" of the city. Almost all items are limited editions.

The collection will be available online and in stores from 28 July.