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Nike's new "Play New" campaign

With Sabrina Ionescu, Dina Asher-Smith, Blake Leeper and Rosalía

Nike's new Play New campaign With Sabrina Ionescu, Dina Asher-Smith, Blake Leeper and Rosalía

Nike's new campaign is a journey into a different side of sport, an invitation "to rediscover sport in a new way". The main faces of the campaign are Sabrina IonescuDina Asher-SmithBlake Leeper and Rosalía, all out of their comfort zone in the video made by the Swoosh: the New York Liberty basketball player goes from the wedge ball to the racket, the world champion sprinter goes to the green with a gold bat and eight-time Olympics gold medal Leeper tries the hardships of a baseball. According to the words of the Vice President of Nike's Global Brand Marketing office Melania Auguste, the goal of the campaign is to invite people - not just athletes - to get involved by discovering new sides of sport.

Sport, therefore, understood as a source of joy, as a tool to try new things ("Play New"), to be inspired and to grow personally, as a form of resilience and a push towards change, as a discovery of all that is not it's known. In some ways, Auguste's personal experience motivates this campaign: "If you play a sport, you just have to embrace everything it has to offer you in terms of your personal journey. Sport helped me discover my talent when I was a child. Now that I am an adult it has become a way for me to understand the world. Dedicating to sport is an extraordinary experience: in my case, I have not become a professional athlete, but I have the opportunity to tell the stories of the best athletes and the best. athletes who inspire and motivate me".

Nike rediscovers the less performance and more human side, leaving out for a moment all the technical aspects of sport to return to the campaigns that made the brand so popular especially among non-professionals in the sector such as Melania Auguste.