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The Nike Special Jersey of Inter Milan

Presented with a futuristic artwork in the I M MILANO I M INTER campaign

The Nike Special Jersey of Inter Milan Presented with a futuristic artwork in the I M MILANO I M INTER campaign

After the presentation of the new logo and a dedicated collection, Inter Milan and Nike present the Special Jersey, the fourth kit of this season. A shirt characterized by a new design, never seen before, that connects the identity of the Nerazzurri club and the city of Milan, whose palaces are the background to the artwork of the I M MILANO I M INTER campaign with which the new uniform is presented.

But it's not alone, as the fourth jersey is also accompanied by a capsule collection that includes: a tracksuit, a short-sleeved tee and a pair of tracksuit pants, both in men's and women's version. 

The design of the new shirt recalls the futurist traits that appeared in the foundation of the Nerazzurri club; among the founder, on March 9, 1908 in Milan's Piazza Duomo, there was also the futurist artist Giorgio Muggiani, who decided that the colors of the club would be black and blue. In the shirt, the futurist appeal is expressed in the intersection of geometric shapes, as well as, in the artwork, the I and M letters' composition and the yellow and blue bands that fill the background. 

In the artwork there are the same colors of the new Nerazzurri jersey: the background white fits with a horizontal yellow block and a vertical Nerazzurri band, a futuristic template that connects the aesthetic heritage of the company with the future of the club. In fact, the artistic leitmotif of the jersey is inclusion, the founding feeling of the Nerazzurri club - Inter Milan was born from AC Milan, but in opposition to the rule that foreign players could not play - and that, always, defines the spirit of the city of Milan, an Italian emblem of inclusion and internationality. The graphics of the I M MILANO I M INTER campaign for Special Jersey were designed by two designers of the Milanese art scene, selected directly by Inter: De Moo and Moab

The two designers tell I M MILANO I M INTER: "None of us were born in Milan, yet we represent, each in our own way, the current creative ferment of this city. The four-handed realization of this project triggered an unprecedented, intergenerational conversation, in which we verified the existence of many visual references in common, revisiting and reinventing some of the cornerstones of the history of Milanese design".

Inter have included the logo with these colors on their Instagram and Twitter profiles, and have also launched the shirt on FIFA 21, with which the Nerazzurri have an exclusive partnership.

La collezione I M Nike dell'Inter sarà disponibile a partire dal 7 Aprile su (per Nike members) e successivamente su