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Serie A Femminile will be a professional championship

F.I.G.C. made the decision, but won't happen in this season

Serie A Femminile will be a professional championship F.I.G.C. made the decision, but won't happen in this season

According to Forbes, the F.I.G..C. has decided to make the Serie A Femminile a professional sport starting from the 2022-23 season. With this appointment, the italian Serie A Femminile will become the first professional league in Italian female sports, achieving a goal that the blue women's football movement had been working on for several years. For years, in fact, there has been discussion about the possibility of making professional footballers who play in The Serie A Women, and the Federation has decided to increase the status of the Italian championship making it on par with some of the main European realities. 

In fact, in addition to fundamental wage issues and trade union rights (pensions, contributions, legal certificates), professionalism in women's football will also lead to a narrowing of the distance with other European teams. In fact, for several years the italian championship teams have been playing (with good results) the Champions League and competing with some of the strongest teams in the world, such as Olympique Lyon, Chelsea, Paris Saint Germain and Atletico Madrid - this year, in the 2020-21 Champions League, Juventus and Fiorentina play for Italy. In fact, although still inferior from a technical and resource point of view, the women's Serie A in the last two years has grown a lot and the same companies have worked a lot to improve their women's section: not only in the structures, but also in the promotion of events and social media, and also in the football market. For example, Roma last year brought Andressa Alaves to Italy, Juventus the same with The Norwegian Matilde Skovsen - we had suggested here the best female footballers in the current Women's Serie A. 

The achievement of professionalism is also a matter of recognition of the commitment of sports women to the sport. As the Post explains in an article, the improvement in the situation of women's football in Italy was facilitated by the entry into the Women's Serie A with its own team of the big men's clubs, such as Juventus and Milan, but also by the popularity that the sector has collected after the 2018 World Cup in France, when the Azzurri reached the quarter-finals - with an estimated 2.4 million Italian spectators.