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The vintage jerseys of the Stuttgart F.C.'s goalkeeper

The 'Tropicana' model, designed by the technical partner Jako

The vintage jerseys of the Stuttgart F.C.'s goalkeeper The 'Tropicana' model, designed by the technical partner Jako

In Friday night's home game against Mainz, Stuttgart F.C. were already a special addition because of the special uniform the club had made in reference to the LGBTQ+ community, with rainbow colours and a different coat of arms. But Matarrazzo's team's 2-0 win also included goalkeeper Gregor Kobel, who wore a special uniform designed by sponsor Jako. The jersey is of the 'Tropicana' model of the German brand, and according to Footyheadlines, the race against Mainz was the only appearance of the uniform. 

Completely different from stuttgart's normal goalkeeper uniform - which has two models: one yellow and one purple -, the special uniform is very similar to many models seen during the Nineties. It's not the same size as the uniforms Schmeichel, James or Higuita wore, but the template is as original and quirky as vintage models. On a black background, patterns and indefinite lines are placed in scattered order, with an intersecting of yellow, light blue, orange and purple colors that do not refer to an understandable design. The line sections, however, are typical of a retro model, specially made by Jako in reference to the first mesh models produced by the German brand - founded in 1989. The crew neck collar and sleeves are total black and in the center of the jersey is maintained the sponsor Mercedes Benz, although confused among the colorful geometries of Jako's design. That in addition to the stuttgart goalkeeper's uniform, he also worked on four other models from the 'Tropicana' collection. There are also versions in grey, blue, green and red; all with retro fantasies in the template, different only for the base of the color. 

This is not the first time that we have seen jerseys inspired by models of the past this year or that, in particular, there is a reference to a certain sporting season. From AC Milan's third to AS Roma's second, passing through Borussia Dortmund's Away model, vintage design is one of the most viewed features in the playing uniforms of recent years. They are historical references to important periods of a club that also allow to increase the relationship with the fans: through memories, for the older ones, and with the historical charm for the youngest.