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Nike presents the Air Max Club Collection

With the jerseys of Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham

Nike presents the Air Max Club Collection  With the jerseys of Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham

Before the start of the sports season this year, Nike made the third jerseys of its Elite clubs inspired by the first model of Air Max. So, among others, the shirts of Inter, Liverpool, Barcelona had a particular template, and today, Swoosh officially presented the Air Max Club Collection, with the jerseys of Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool, all of which are Air Max. The combinations, however, are different. The clubs, in fact, don't have all three the same Air Max model - as can also be seen from the brand on the jersey -: Liverpool have the Air Max 90, Chelsea at 6 pm, Spurs 95. The uniforms, according to SoccerBible, will not be dressed by the teams during the official matches, but will be available - in a replica version - for purchase.

The templates are all different and, in fact, each has a personal reference according to the corresponding Air Max model. Tottenham have Air Max logos, central, instead of what is spurs' current sponsor - AIA - and the bright yellow of the collar and sleeve edges that impacts a lot on the different bands of grey that color the shirt template. Liverpool, on the other hand, is much more elegant and has a white template but with very thin black stripes, which come in colorically with shoulders and sleeves - the Nike Air Max logo is in place of the simple one of Nike at the top right. Interesting is the Reds logo, which is the historical one that can also be found on the gates of Anfield Road. Chelsea, on the other hand, propose - like Spurs - the central Air Max logo in red, crossed by a red and blue stripe - the colors of the third of this year - which splits to turn around the base of the neck, on the collar. Club and Nike logos are in place.

Each uniform, however, is not only a reference to the Air Max. Nike wanted to create a connection with the city culture of reference, so each uniform has a connection with various periods or places. The colours of the Reds celebrate the typical colors of the city of Liverpool, while that of Spurs is a reference to the connection between nike's sneaker culture and that of North London. Finally, Chelsea refer to details in the uniforms of the 1990s. The Air Max Club collection allows Nike to re-propose the theme of sneakers in football after the chapter inaugurated (also by Nike) with the third jerseys of Elite clubs and, always this year, with a special collection for Nigeria, characterized by a double-edged bond between the Naija collection and the Air Max 95.


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