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Rafael Leão's debut in the world of music

On January 29th he will release "Beginning" produced with Adjane Rafael

Rafael Leão's debut in the world of music On January 29th he will release Beginning produced with Adjane Rafael

«When I stop playing football, I could be a rapper»

Words spoken by Rafael Leão in a recent interview with Rolling Stones. A little more than a month after those statements, the AC Milan striker born in 1999 is ready to make his debut as a soloist in the world of music. On January 29, as reported by 21-year-old friend and producer Adjane Rafael, "Beginning" will be released, a 7-track album ranging from rap, trap and drill, Leão's favorite genres.

Of Angolan origins, he grew up in Portugal but was influenced by the sounds he discovered in France during his interlude in Lille. But musically he is far from what most intrigues the Rossoneri winger. The melodies and sounds of Migos, Travis Scott, 6ix9ine, Da Baby, Roddy Rich and Meek Mill are what he prefers, with hip hop and R&B on everything. It is not an absolute debut in Milan's #17, as he has already sung in several pieces by Portuguese rappers. With the smile that distinguishes him, Leão declared his dreams to Marta Blumi Tripodi: "I really like rapping and I think that when I finish my career as a football player I could do that, in life. For now it's just a pastime: I trap , but above all I speak of my life, of the sacrifices to get here."

He recently posted on social media moments in which he listens to Training # 4 at Capo Plaza, shot right in that San Siro waiting to applaud his plays. Perhaps the first official featuring could be with the Italian rapper.