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LGBT+ values in the new Stonewall FC kits

Inclusivity as statement shared by adidas and EA Sports

LGBT+ values in the new Stonewall FC kits Inclusivity as statement shared by adidas and EA Sports

While Rainbow Laces Week ended in the Premier League to take sides in favor of total equality, Stonewall FC launches the new 3 adidas kits for the 2020-21 season. The first LGBT+ club to play in the Premier Division takes advantage of the maximum showcase to unveil the uniforms which, of course, recall the values of the "most successful LGBT+ football team in the world". They will make their debut on 12 December.

The home and away kits are in the colors of the new club logo - dark shades of blue and red - while the colorful Trans Pride flag cannot be missing. If on the left sleeve there is room for a global symbol, on the right the Stonewall has decided to write "Kick it out" to encourage people to chase away prejudice and discrimination.

Among the novelties of the kit there are not only colors and symbols, but also international partners. EA Sports, which will cover the role of jersey sponsor of the club, also joins this project. EA Sports has already announced that this agreement could create opportunities to increase LGBT + participation in the video game.

When in 2013 the world of English football proudly embraced the first Rainbow Laces initiative proposed by Stonewall, the project was still in its infancy. Everyone in the Premier League has taken part in this battle for the rights of the LGBT+ community and it has almost become a tradition. The colors first invaded the laces of the players' shoes, while now - 7 years after the first appearance - everything on and off the pitch is colored like a rainbow: from the flags to the patches on the game jerseys, from the team logos to the bands as a captain. Inclusiveness has always been one of the values of football, but with the commitment, dedication and strength of the Stonewall it is a little more every year.