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The new sustainable fashion collection of Leicester City

"Fearless Collection" arrives with the Japanese brand atmos

The new sustainable fashion collection of Leicester City Fearless Collection arrives with the Japanese brand atmos

Leicester City Football Club and atmos launch the "Fearless Collection", the first clothing line produced by the English club through a completely sustainable production process in Thailand, placed close to the heart and business of the team that enchanted everyone in 2016. The LCFC joins the teams that in this 2020 have launched crossed paths of football and fashion after PSG with Jordan and Juve, Bayern, Arsenal, Real with adidas and Human Race. The collection includes a series of t-shirts produced with a complex natural dyeing technique that aims to capture the trends of modern generations, increasingly inclined to combine the aesthetics of football with fashion.

The "Fearless Collection" is clearly inspired by Thai craftsmanship and promotes, as mentioned, the eco-sustainability of the productions, dividing the creations into three different Thai communities: the "Blue Stripe" t-shirt was produced in Sakon Nakhon, the "Yellow Harmony" in Lampoon and the "Cloud Navy" in another district of Lampoon. In addition, the colors of the shirts are all plant-based with indigo, ebony tree and red earth.

For the shooting, Leicester City chose to involve Wesley Fofana, James Maddison, James Justin, Lia Cataldo, Olivia Fergusson and Aimee Everett. Items are distributed in 7 countries: Japan, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and the United Kingdom.