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The fourth kit of SSC Napoli inspired by Diego

The new "Argentina-inspired" Kappa Kombat

The fourth kit of SSC Napoli inspired by Diego The new Argentina-inspired Kappa Kombat

A few hours after the whistle of the key match of the ninth day of Serie A, Napoli and Kappa have published a joint statement to formalize the launch and debut of the fourth kit for the 2020-21 season. The mocking fate made "a date agreed at the beginning of the season" coincide with yet another celebration and yet another tribute dedicated to Diego Armando Maradona. The new Kombat of the Azzurri, in fact, is inspired by the style of the Pibe de Oro Argentina shirt, worn 91 times by the God of football.


The shirt returns to being striped, exactly like the fourth kit of the 2005-06 season, when Kappa herself launched a design that would disappear in the following years. The Argentine albiceleste is replaced with the blue of the Neapolitans, but the tribute to the Selección kit is complete: even the black shorts recall the style of Diego's national team.

"A year ago, together with Kappa, we thought of designing a special game shirt that would remind Diego Maradona, his beloved Argentina and the very strong bond with the people of Naples. Together we hoped that Diego could see it, maybe wear it and get excited with us. The Kombat that will be worn by the players tonight will have an even greater significance than initially assumed", the statement reads and it was just like that. 

AS Roma also honors the GOAT: in the afternoon before the match, a Romanist delegation led by Bruno Conti went to Diego's mural in the Spanish Quarters to bring a bouquet of flowers, as a sign of respect and gratitude for a football genius.