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Lewandowski is gettin closer to join Puma

It would be another palyer to step away from Nike

Lewandowski is gettin closer to join Puma  It would be another palyer to step away from Nike

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is seems to be no longer a Nike athlete. The Polish has been a Swoosh testimonial for eleven years, but for some weeks he has not worn the products of the American brand with the same continuity, instead appearing more and more often with PUMA items. In fact, Lewandovski had been photographed with PUMA Ultra 1.1 in training at the end of October, and these days, in the warsaw camps in retreat with Poland, he wore the PUMA Future Z, the same ones dressed as Neymar at the time of his transition from Nike to the German brand.

Lewandovski's transition from Nike to PUMA is not yet certain due to the ambiguous attitude of the player: in training he wears PUMA shoes, while in the matches he continues to wear Nike. For example, in Bayern Munich's last Bundesliga games in Klassiker against Borussia Dortmund - in which the striker scored a goal - Lewandosvki wore the Nike Phantom Vision. Lewvandovski's departure from the Nike team would not even be a surprising event, considering that Swoosh, in recent months, has broken off relations with several top players, most recently Neymar Junior, Raheem Sterling and perhaps even Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Lewandovski is definitely a point of reference for any brand being a player who scores at least 40 goals per season (50 last year) and is considered one of the strongest players in the world. In addition, he is also the leading player of Poland (sponsored by Nike), a national team over the years increasingly technically interesting. 

There has been no official communication about the breakdown of the relationship between Lewandovski and Nike, nor about his certain transition to PUMA. However, it is very likely that something in the Polish player's sponsorship contracts are changing.