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Anthony Martial's "anti-racism" Nike Mercurial

Created by EUniqueBoots in a 1-of-1 version

Anthony Martial's anti-racism Nike Mercurial Created by EUniqueBoots in a 1-of-1 version

The upset of the national teams comes from France, where Finland won 2-0 against the world champions. To make the news, however, there is not only the collapse of Didier Deschamps's lineup but also the new and unique Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 blackout in an "anti-racism" version created ad hoc by @euniqueboots - a well-known German store among top-level footballers - worn by Anthony Martial. This is a unique 1-of-1 model.

The Manchester United winger does not have an official supplier, so he has maximum freedom to wear the shoe model he prefers. With the Red Devils jersey he was seen with a pair of PUMA Ultra, while with his national team he often wears Nike. The peculiarity of the shoe is both the "No racism" writing just above the swoosh and a sort of Pantone-style chromatic scale ranging from white to brown. The Black Lives Matters campaign is continuous and constant. A similar experiment was also put into practice by Michy Bathsuayi, an adidas athlete who took to the field with the writing "No room for racism" on his customized F50 Adizero - complete with a Batman symbol.