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Puma is making a lot fo money

The billionaire turnover is grew by 13%

Puma is making a lot fo money  The billionaire turnover is grew by 13%

Neymar has arrived, along with a lot of very nice jerseys - Milan, Manchester City, OM, Borussia Dortmund - and all this, for Puma, means not only better brand awareness, but also an important economic gain. The German brand increased its turnover to 1.58 billion in the first quarter of 2020, going just beyond the company's forecast of 1.56 billion. A superlative growth that brings to Puma a profit of 190 million euros against the initial estimates of 174 million euros. And all this in a context of crisis. 

In fact, although sales have increased, the buying situation is not the best, and for this reason, Puma's shares on the stock exchange fell by 2.5%. On the other hand, in these periods, people spend less and there are less intention and possibility to go and buy in physical stores. Despite this, according to Business of Fashion, Puma adjusted a +20.7% and 17.7% in sales in the US and Europe respectively, while Asian and Indian-Asian sales fell by 1.9%. The coronavirus pandemic, according to experts, would have discouraged markets and consumer purchases, but sportswear and sporting goods have sold more and this is also demonstrated by the case of Nike. Sales of the Swoosh - the highest-grossing sports goods company of all - exceeded the Wall Street Journal's sales estimates. 

Puma's economic results are not a loose event. The German brand's investments in level sponsorships and advertising campaigns have become mainstream, and it is perceived in the world of sport as the brand wants to accentuate its presence up to the levels of Nike and adidas. O'Ney's signing, which took place just over a month ago and whose results will really be seen in the coming months, was Puma's first big hit.