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The new Villa Killa jerseys with Tupac

The London community has created them in collaboration with Nike

The new Villa Killa jerseys with Tupac The London community has created them in collaboration with Nike

After models with Wu Tang Clan and Notorius B.I.G, the London collective Killa Villa returns with new jerseys dedicated to 2Pac, another myth of 90s hip hop. The Killa Villa project - created to unite the New York rapper culture of the 1990s and the world of European football - has created two gaming uniforms - one Home and one Away - with a new logo representing the face of the New York rapper, a release produced thanks to Nike who worked as a sponsor of the project. The release of the two shirts was followed on the London brand's social media by videos depicting Cantona and other scenes of English football with the New York rapper's quotes

The result is extremely charming. The first shirt, blue, is with a very simple pattern, with the Tupac logo on the right and the Swoosh on the left: in the center, the "sponsor" is the inscription THUG Life, an acronym that gave the name to one of the most famous albums of the American rapper (Thug Life) and that, in this case, refers to a specific part of his life , when 2Pac created a self-titled group with which he recorded that album. The second shirt, on the other hand, has a more elaborate pattern, with a white base and oblique gray stripes in the Naija style that fill the entire front of the shirt. At the center is another inscription, OUTLAW, which also links to a period in Tupac's life - when he formed the Outlawz group after he was released from prison in 1995.

In both jerseys stands out a detail both in front and on the back of the uniform. On the back of both collars, in fact, is engraved the phrase "For Every Dark Night, Theres a Brighter Day", one of Tupac's most famous quotes. While in front, it is the logo that shines for its style.

A "shield" with the face of the rapper squared by different geometries and with the micro detail of the bandana with floral motifs. Above, as in the model with Notoius B.I.G, remains the inscription KILLAVILLA, while under the logo there is the relief of the design of a gold rose, one of the symbols of Tupac's music and tribute to his untimely death.


Le maglie di Killa Villa con Tupac sono disponibili su fckillavillacom.