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The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 "King of Napoli" for Dries Mertens

The swoosh family gift to celebrate the Belgian's new records

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 King of Napoli for Dries Mertens The swoosh family gift to celebrate the Belgian's new records

The Italian Cup awarded last week to Napoli for the sixth time in its history brought with it not only a trail of positive and negative ideas depending on the faction, but above all emotions that players like Dries Mertens will never forget. On the same day, the Belgian player signed the extension of his contract for life with the Azzurri and a few hours later he raised his third trophy with the Napoli shirt. Between the signature and the cup there is another gift for "Ciro". Before the game, fully customized shoes arrive that Nike has given to one of its most faithful testimonials.

Mertens has been part of the swoosh family for a long time and he is one of the main testimonials of the Mercurials. He uses those boots to play from his very first day in Italy and Nike's tribute is dedicated to his loyalty and to the top of the top scorers in the history of Napoli reached against Inter a few days before the final won with Juventus. The colors of the Mercurial Vapor 13 match perfectly with the blue and white of the Napoli shirt and the word "Mertens 14" is clearly visible. Even the packaging has been studied in detail. As can be seen from the Instagram story uploaded by the stricker a few minutes after the victory, "Become the new King of Napoli" is not only a wish now but a real fact.

Mertens is the first in a glorious ranking of extraordinary players. Dries is at 122 goals, followed by Hamsik (121), Diego Amando Maradona (115), Edinson Cavani (104), Antonio Vojak (102), Antonio Careca (96), Gonzalo Higuain (92), Lorenzo Insigne (87) , Josè Altafini, Attila Sallustro and Jose Maria Callejon (80), Beppe Savoldi (77), Luis Vinicio (69), Canè (64), Hasse Jeppson (51), Ezequiel Lavezzi (48), Andrea Carnevale (47), Amadeo Amadei (47), Arkadiusz Milik (46) and Emanuele Calaiò (44).