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Cristiano Ronaldo is testing rugby cleats

These would be Smart Powers, which increase traction and improve speed

Cristiano Ronaldo is testing rugby cleats These would be Smart Powers, which increase traction and improve speed

During one of Juventus' last training sessions at Continassa, Cristiano Ronaldo took the field with his usual Nike Mercurial Dream Speed. So far, nothing strange, except that the more careful eyes have noticed a particularity: instead of the classic studs found in the Mercurial range, the Portuguese wanted to apply surprising screw-in studs attributable to the French brand Smart Power, which mainly deals with rugby accessories.

No source has confirmed that the cleats in question are actually those, but the products of the rugby brand, specifically the Smart Power SG, have such a unique design that it would be difficult to find the same on the market as similar to those used by the attacker. In addition, it seems that Ronaldo is not the first to experiment with this new traction system: another player, Andy Delort of Montpellier, has also been using them for some time, who, coincidentally, shortly before the championship stop on February 19, established the new speed record of the French championship reaching 36.8 km/h. A detail that should not be overlooked by Ronaldo who has been working on speed for over a year with specific training inspired by those of his friend and compatriot Francis Obikwelu.

Going into detail, Smart Power takes advantage of its specialization in 3D printing in plastic and metal to produce studs designed to offer greater performance in terms of acceleration, thrust and lateral stability by reducing muscle fatigue, while also giving the possibility to orient them differently to depending on the performance you want to improve.

Cristiano really likes to experiment and does not neglect any detail: he knows for example that grip on the ground can be a determining factor in improving shooting and so he is trying to understand if this new solution can be useful. It is not yet clear whether the same details will be visible even during the next re-debut in the Italian Cup against Milan, since Nike may not completely agree that their number one testimonial uses cleats that are not produced in their own factory. But it is also true that the competitiveness of CR7 is well known by all and in order to reach the final of the Italian Cup, a trophy he misses, he would be willing to make false cards, perhaps even with his own technical sponsor.