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It is not convenient to make Shaquille O'Neal angry

Things not to do with the most dominant center ever

It is not convenient to make Shaquille O'Neal angry Things not to do with the most dominant center ever

The 216 centimeters and 147 kilos would already be excellent reasons not to annoy the NBA player with the most nicknames - and hobbies/trades - in history. Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal has been in his 20 years of career in random order Superman, Daddy, The Big Aristotle/Shamrock, Diesel and MDE (the least used but the most congenial). One of the most dominant players of all time (Most Dominant Ever) has represented a constant threat in painting, even when athletics were at very low levels. If you need further reasons, you have to get on the legendary DeLorean DMC-12 designed by "Doc" Brown in Back to the future and let the catalyst flow do the rest.

DOES NOT AGREE - Reject requests

The first stop is March 6, 2000, exactly 20 years ago. It is Shaq's 28th birthday and we are in basketball terms at the height of form - it will be the first of three consecutive seasons in which the title will arrive. Game at Staples against the then unfortunate cousins ​​of the Clippers. The city of angels was already yellow-purple, but the Lakers never missed an opportunity to reiterate it. Being a special occasion, Shaq asks the Clippers' management (home team) for 12 free tickets to bring some friends to the game. Within hours of the ball-in-two, the request was denied to him by the leaders. From the first approach it was clear that it was not the classic 61st regular season game. Shaq decided to demolish his opponents as he had never done before: 61 points, 24/35 from the field, 23 rebounds and not to miss anything he also scored 12 free throws. Before leaving the field for the classic post-career high standing ovation, he looked for the Clipper executives and took care to let him know that it was no longer convenient for him to refuse his requests. Never stand up against a war machine, even more if motivated to tie your shoes seriously.


DOES NOT AGREE - To commit hard fouls

The title of the video below is clear. Brad Miller, the Bulls' center, tries to stop a man who could not be stopped except by illicit means. The reaction of the # 34 of the Los Angeles Lakers has not been very quiet. After charging his right foot a couple of times, Shaq lets go of a shot that touches only Miller fortunately no significant physical consequences, but the Bulls player has really touched the worst.

Shaquille O'Neal vs Brad Miller


DOES NOT AGREE - To talk over

Bill Laimbeer, never known to most as the great promise of NBA basketball, went down in history by entering through a decidedly unusual door. Bill was the go-to-guy of the Pistons when the Jordan rules were put into practice, or a series of defensive actions that led the Pistons to attack - with no holds barred - MJ's Chicago Bulls. On this occasion, Laimbeer tries to reserve the same treatment for a young Shaq who, however, is immediately appeased by Alvin Robertson. Totally peaceful tackle, knowing Shaq's attitudes. A few extra words must have inadvertently escaped and from there the exchange of views with the Magic center. From a simple episode of trash talking to a very hard blow on the opponent's face.

Shaquille O'Neal vs Alvin Robertson



Perhaps the most striking and negative episode of Shaq's career. Situation similar to the others, this time with inverted parts: Charles Barkley blows up the defense of the Lakers who decides not to go for the subtle. Nearby is O'Neal who makes his presence felt in Barkley. The star of the Rockets is not there and reacts badly, throwing the ball on Shaq. The result is a fight between two heavyweights, one of the most difficult to quell considering the size of the two characters involved. Naturally both will be excluded. And to think that today are the two main frontman for ESPN...

Shaquille O'Neal vs Charles Barkley



Third different shirt for Diesel in our journey. We are at the Staples Center in LA, but this time the Lakers are the opponents of an O'Neal who married the Miami Heat. After Shaq's farewell, the Lakers had great difficulty finding a center worthy of the name. This until the arrival of Andrew Bynum, acclaimed by purple-and-gold fans like the new Shaq. Obviously game marked in red on the LSU product calendar. The sequence is this: Shaq abuses Bynum, scoring one of his classic dunk tap-ins; he returns to defense with the face of someone who knows he has to clear up a matter; ball to Bynum for the game of revenge: pivot, movement in post and dunk of the young Laker. In the other half, Shaq decides to solve it in another way.

Shaquille O'Neal vs Andrew Bynum

Today Shaq turns 48 and has often stated that the character he was when he dominated the NBA parquet no longer belongs to him. Without those episodes, however, he would not have become a deejay, a music producer, an actor, a rapper, a showman, a rapper.