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The 2020/21 Nike 3rd kits concepts inspired by iconic Air Max

From nss sports creativity, the hypothetical jerseys of the next season

The 2020/21 Nike 3rd kits concepts inspired by iconic Air Max  From nss sports creativity, the hypothetical jerseys of the next season

It's not a novelty that Nike, for some years, has decided to develop particular ideas and projects on the third jerseys of its top teams: two years ago the main theme chosen was the celebration of symbols and colors of the respective cities, while last season the American brand has decided to took inspiration from some famous kits worn during the 90s. Next year, however, as reported by many authoritative portals such as Footy Headlines, Nike would have chosen to take inspiration from some iconic Air Max models. The shoe made for the first time back in 1987 by Mark Parker and Tinker Hatfield completely revolutionized the footwear world, becoming the most common sneaker in the streetwear culture. The Nike Air Max 1 was the first boot to feature a visible inner tube (hence the concept of "Air"), and has been followed over the years by over thirty different versions, some of which are back trendy in time recent for their timeless charm. With the exception of the Paris Saint-Germain, whose third kit that we will see in the 2020/2021 season will most likely designed by Jordan brand, the battery of the top clubs sponsored by Nike will consist of FC Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Tottenham, Inter Milan, AS Roma and Galatasaray with a new entry, the Liverpool FC which has just confirmed the end of the contract with New Balance. Since for each of these teams Nike has decided to make the third jersey based on the colors of a different sneaker, we wanted to create imaginary jersey concepts that we will see next year, based on the leaks that have been circulating insistently for months but above all on our fantasy.


Inter (Air Max 97)

Yes, maybe you've already recognized it, next year Inter Milan could wear a remake of the shirt, produced by Umbro, with which he won the 1998 UEFA Cup. A strange version because of the horizontal stripes to which many supporters have remained fall in love.


Roma (Air Max Safari)

It has already happened this year that AS Roma abandoned the traditional yellow and red colors: according to some rumors the next third jersey will in fact be dark, with orange details and a particular 'animal' pattern to fade.


Barcellona (Air Max Tidal Wave)

After the yellow fluo and the mint green, the next Barça 3rd kit should be predominantly pink, a color present even if in minimal part on the Air Max Tidal Wave.


Atletico Madrid (Air Max 2)

In the colchoneros case, however, the volt chosen by Nike for the third jersey 2020/2021 would be the same present on the swoosh of this pair of grey Air Max 2.


Chelsea (Air Max 180)

100% matching with the jersey is also the next Chelsea 3rd kit, in white with blue and peach details as well as those present on the Air Max 180.


Tottenham (Air Max 95)

Could a pair of Air Max 95 be missing? The colors of this yellow & grey model will be faithfully used on the next Spurs 3rd shirt, and who knows if the 'waves' of the sneakers are not replicated even on the background of the shirt, in a light way.


Liverpool (Air Max 2 Uptempo 94 black)

We wanted to imagine that the next Liverpool 3rd kit could take inspiration from a pair of basketball shoes, given that most likely there will also be LeBron James among the testimonials of the new jerseys, the first designed by Nike.


Galatasaray (Air Max TN Ultra Tiger)

Like AS Roma, Galatasaray has also been the subject of great experiments, such as the third white jersey of last season: this time, however, the protagonists of the new kit could be the flames.