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The A.S. Velasca 2019/2020 jerseys

Not only simple shirts, but artworks

The A.S. Velasca 2019/2020 jerseys Not only simple shirts, but artworks

When we talk about the A.S. Velasca, you already know, it's never a common thing: last Saturday, September 21st, the most 'artistic' team in Milan presented the jerseys that will be worn during the 2019/2020 season and did so through a real cultural trip, but not around city by tram as happened last year. This time, in fact, it was an tour useful to learn about three symbols of Milanese construction in the 1950s, typical of Brutalist architecture.

Late in the morning, in fact, they started from the Baggio district and precisely from the Istituto Marchiondi, on whose walls by now abandoned appeared the new Away shirt, white as usual. The second place of this particular journey was the Duomo of Milan, from whose terraces it was possible to admire, through binoculars, the Home shirt, hanging on the 24th floor of the Velasca Tower, just 500 meters away. Right on the Velasca Tower the route has ended, with a moment of celebration shared among the guests, the fans and some players of the team founded 4 years ago by Wolfgang Natlacen.

The jerseys, also this year produced by Le Coq Sportif, were made in a limited edition and created by the artist Francesca Belgiojoso, a relative of the homonymous architect who designed, with Peressutti and Rogers, the famous brutalist mushroom of Milan, the Velasca Tower, an indissociable symbol of the club and present not only in the crest, but also in the form of three different patches to be applied on the velcro. On the chest there's a large collage of newspaper clippings, photos and magazines depicting fragments of towers.

Concerning the season just began, A.S. Velasca will continue to pursue its artistic vein parallel to the sporting one, relying on the collaborations of internationally renowned artists such as Kendell Geers, Thomas Wattebled, Jay One, Stephen Dean, Jeanne Susplugas, Haijun Park, Pascale Marthine Tayou and musicians Arden Day & Vysocky and Adrien Soleiman. In addition to the fans pads made by Jay One and glimpsed last Saturday on the marble of the Duomo, among the new incoming objets utiles were announced the Blazon shoes, the Le Coq Sportif caps, a new band for the captain and a dedicated bench more to the players but to the artists.

You can pre-order the 2019/2020 shirts on the official online store, here.