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Chelsea and Tottenham's Third kits are a jump into the past

The Nike Sportswear logo is back

Chelsea and Tottenham's Third kits are a jump into the past The Nike Sportswear logo is back

After an entire summer spent between leaks and hints, in the end the Nike Sportswear logo has made its return on a football jersey. These are those ones of Chelsea and Tottenham, the only two clubs sponsored by Nike in the Premier League that have presented their third jerseys for the 2019/2020 season. The two shirts are a dive deep to the past, and they have taken almost every typical detail of the jerseys from the 90s. Just the fit of the jerseys is modern, while the remaining is inspired by the golden age of the football jerseys.

Tottenham's Third kit, that was presented yesterday afternoon on the social channels of the club, is based on two tones of blue, one lighter and the other darker. The light part is the main colour of the jersey, while the collar, the logos and the borders of the sleeves are dark blues. What stands out the most of this jersey, over the two tones collar, is surely the translucent pattern that dominates the front side of the shirt. 

On the other hand, Chelsea's Third shirt is mostly black with white and orange accents. In the collar is write name of the club, combined with the orange on the black background, the same colours are also used for the borders of the sleeves. The sleeve sponsor, the main sponsor, the crest and the Nike swoosh are white. Finally, the pattern of Chelsea's jersey is composed by a whole of diagonal bands with the club abbreviation, "CFC".

After the Home and the Away jerseys, after having declared the best and the worst kit of the season, these are the first two Third version made by Nike. Stay tuned on nss sports channels for the next day releases: Inter, AS Roma, PSG, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Galatasaray ones.


Tottenham and Chelsea's third kits are already available on their official online stores.