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The Pantone colors of the Serie A stadiums

What colors appear in the stadium of your favorite team?

The Pantone colors of the Serie A stadiums What colors appear in the stadium of your favorite team?

A few months ago, taking inspiration from of the brilliant idea of ​​CP Company and Lack of Guidance, we had cataloged the Premier League stadiums through the Pantone system, thus combining each venue with the corresponding color in the well-known international catalog. Recently the specialized portal Archistadia has realized the Italian version of this experiment, combining the colors of the Pantone system with the Serie A stadiums based on their visual impact. This time, however, the extrapolated colors are two: the one on the left represents the external structure while the other chosen, on the right, has been chosen as the main expression of the internal development of the tiers of seats or other fundamental details such as the large horizontal beams adopted for the coverage, in the case of San Siro. You already know all the Italian stadiums: among these there's also the Bergamo's Gewiss Stadium which is still a construction site, while as you already know AC Milan and Inter Milan, Lazio and AS Roma, Genoa and Sampdoria share the same ground.


Gewiss Stadium

Club: Atalanta
Pantone: 9203 C, 3506 C


Renato Dall'Ara

Club: Bologna
Pantone: 167 CP, P 55-7 C


Mario Rigamonti

Club: Brescia
Pantone: 2331 CP, 2172 C


Sardegna Arena

Club: Cagliari
Pantone: Reflex Blue CP, P 48-8 U


Artemio Franchi

Club: Fiorentina
Pantone: P 7-2 C, 2084 CP


Luigi Ferraris

Clubs: Genoa, Sampdoria
Pantone: 18-1248 TCX Rust, 10249 C


San Siro

Clubs: Inter Milan, AC Milan
Pantone: 11-0601 TCX Bright White, 7620 XGC


Allianz Stadium

Club: Juventus
Pantone: 429 C, P 1-1 C



Clubs: Lazio, AS Roma
Pantone: 11-0601 TCX Bright White, 2132 C


Via del Mare

Club: Lecce
Pantone: Cool Gray 2 C, 810 C


San Paolo

Club: Napoli
Pantone: Cool Gray 2 C, 7685 CP


Ennio Tardini

Club: Parma
Pantone: 12-0830 TSX Pancake Batter, 115 C


MAPEI Stadium

Club: Sassuolo
Pantone: 2194 U, P 1-1 C


Paolo Mazza

Club: SPAL
Pantone: P 1-1 C, 2193 C


Olimpico 'Grande Torino'

Club: Torino
Pantone: 12-5202 TCX Turtledove, 11-0601 Bright White


Dacia Arena

Club: Udinese
Pantone: P 179-4 C, 19-4201 TSX Tuxedo


Marc'Antonio Bentegodi

Club: Hellas Verona
Pantone: 10449 C, 15-6340 TCX Irish Green