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How much do the Serie A teams jerseys cost?

In just two words: too much

How much do the Serie A teams jerseys cost? In just two words: too much

Twenty teams and nine different technical suppliers (Macron above all, then Kappa, Nike, Joma, adidas, PUMA, Erreà, Le Coq Sportif and M908): the new Serie A season has just begun and it's time to give a look at the football jerseys' prices, to give us a general idea of ​​how much it costs to buy the original kit of our teams. What we cannot fail to say after a summary search is that the Italian teams' shirts cost so much: we need to spend an average of 84 euros, in fact, to buy a non-personalized jersey on online stores, which is why it's easy to exceed the 100 euro fee if we decide to add the name and number of our favorite player.

Often it's therefore not a problem linked to the brands or to the ranking if the average price is so high, given that almost all have set similar figures: the most economical jersey of all is that of Lecce, self-produced by the Salento team and precisely by M908, for which they ask just 69 euros, to which 15 euros must be added to customize it; the most expensive is that of Fiorentina, for which even 99 euros are needed for the basic version. In the vast majority of cases, moreover, there is only a minimal variation in price, and sometimes not even, between the Home and Away and Third shirts, while the difference is more evident between the 'match' and 'authentic' versions, which sometimes the last ones cost over 120 euros.

The Italian shirts are also more expensive than the other top European championships, the Spanish La Liga, the Premier League, the Bundesliga and the Ligue1: confirming what is a stable situation for years there is a very detailed article appeared a few days ago on the Italian website 'CF - Calcioefinanza', where the prices of all the teams in question are taken into consideration: the record is that of the English club of Burnley, whose jersey costs just 49 euros, slightly less than Norwich, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace (just 54,50 euros) and the average of the British top flight, 65,5 euros. The Bundesliga, on the other hand, is the championship where personalization costs less, just 12,80 euros on average, and where there's the only team that has a customization cost of less than 10 euros, Hertha Berlin.

This kind of analysis allows us to understand also why abroad we see with much more frequency supporters wearing the shirt of their favorite team and filling the official stores and, consequently, the stadiums, helping to create colorful and engaging atmospheres. Furthermore, also for this reason there's a enormous gap that our league has established in comparison to other major European leagues, still too anchored to strange merchandising logics and the fake market. Which, on the other hand, is also understandable in some ways: what would be the percentage of more jerseys that clubs could sell if they applied cheaper prices, in line with those of other countries? How many young people, for example, have lost the habit of buying the original shirt at the beginning of the season given the prices? All questions that only manages to penalize all of us.