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A "divine" Dennis Rodman in Moose Knuckles' FW19 campaign

The Canadian brand presents its collection with an avant-garde video

A divine Dennis Rodman in Moose Knuckles' FW19 campaign The Canadian brand presents its collection with an avant-garde video

Summer has given us everything it could give, and now it’s the moment to leave it behind and to cover up our tan with that jacket that we promised we will never use again. The new collection FW19 of the Canadian brand Moose Knuckles could be the right remedy to face the new season. 

The Sacred Glacier campaign has as protagonist Dennis Rodman, the 5 times NBA champion - 3 times with Micheal Jordan’s Chicago Bulls - he interprets a powerful prophet that leaves on the peak of the Canadian iceberg. 

The short film is inspired by a the cult movie from the 70s The Holy Mountain, directed by artist Alejandro Jodorowsky, which tells the story of the spiritual journey and enlightenment of 7 disciples seeking the truth.

Moose Knuckles has recreated the ambient from the movie and the journey towards the Holy Glacier on the Nunavut territory, Canada northern region. The protagonists - like in the movie from 73’ represent the Deadly Sins - they travel and they are indulged into rituals by the divine Rodman himself, to unlock the empiric truth and meaning of life. For the third year in a row, the brand has collaborated with the production company Kid.Studio, which stated:

“For us, the movie represents the purest form of creativity, individuality, and freedom. Dennis Rodman is a legendary icon, who embodies this and many other things. The clip talks about freeing ourselves from everyday traps that consume us in a negative way, and the purpose of life is actually to unleash ourselves from this cages and find our own call”

The final message is that real life is waiting on us “Real Life Awaits” and it shows The Worm perfectly comfortable in his role of the eccentric and out-of-scheme. Everything in line for a subject known for his misadventures outside the Basketball court, like his flirts with Hollywood’s big pop star and his crazy haircuts. 

On sale from August, the Moose Knuckles’ FW19 collection is available at international reseller like Saks With Avenue, Holt Renfrew, Selfridges Le Bon Marche, De Bijenkorf, Antonioli, Luisa Via Roma, Verso, Lane Crawford, Hankyu, Isetan, selected boutiques and qualified stores around the world.