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The five most beautiful FILA football jersey of all time

Fiorentina, West Ham and also a great tradition in South American football

The five most beautiful FILA football jersey of all time Fiorentina, West Ham and also a great tradition in South American football

Since ever, the Italian-born brand FILA has preferred focusing on other sports like tennis and baseball, but it has created a unique connection with football made of occasional returns - the last one this year in Israel with Maccabi Tel Aviv - and countless farewells, always linked by the way with not really popular football realities but, we have to say it, absolutely fascinating. Moreover, let's face it: hardly FILA will never undermine from the throne of the football sponsorships Nike and adidas, often at work with top clubs, but surely it has cut in time not indifferent importance, creating jersey remained impressed in the mass imaginary like the one of Fiorentina from the 90s or that one of some South American team, less known for sure and really untraceable but aesthetically cult the same.


Fiorentina, 1997/1998 - 1999/2000

The FILA purple jersey is one of the Fiorentina's most desired memorabilia, no doubt about it, and it also is the second most beautiful Serie A jersey of the last fifty years according to The Guardian. Seen for the first time in the 1997/1998 season with the iconic main sponsors Nintendo and GiG with gold insets, it made all fell in love for its cut typically 90s, so oversize and with a wide collar. The partnership between the Tuscanian club and FILA continued until the 1999/2000 season, before the arrival of another Italian brand, Diadora.



West Ham, 1999/2000 - 2002/2003

From the 1999/2000 to the 2002/2003 season, the Hammers have been capable of being among the most stylish clubs of the Premier League, where the concurrence was massive on this point of view. The iconic FILA's West Ham jersey with Dr. Martens as the main sponsor is still fashionable today, and remembering it on players like Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Paolo Di Canio does no more than increasing its value.


Club Nacional, 1998/1999 - 2000/2001

In South America football has an immeasurable weight, unusual importance. What combines well with it on the pitch? The colours! Those one of the Uruguayan stadiums are uniques, but nothing in special as the tints of the Club Nacional's jerseys between 1998 and 2001. FILA produced the club jerseys for three years concentrating on three colours: blue, white and red. Everything combined perfectly with the main sponsor of those years, Pepsi, that adopts red and blue as colours. This perfect union gave us a typical South American jersey.


Bournemouth, 2011/2012 - 2013/2014

One of the English teams with who FILA has collaborated in its history is Bournemouth, "a little club that knows its", as we have seen during the last seasons. The collaboration between the brand and the club starts in League One and ends in Championship, and it has always seen protagonists simple jerseys by FILA, linked at the colours and the tradition of Bournemouth.


Cruz Azul, 1996/1997 - 2000/2001

The big love of FILA for the South American futbol not only exposes in Ururugay with Club Nacional but also in Mexico, where the partnership between the Biella brand and Cruz Azul lasts even for five seasons. So the jerseys of the Mexican team until the 2001/2001 season were produced by the Italian mark, that distinguished itself for the smart placement of the main sponsor on the jersey and for having fulfilled the social colours of the team, knowing how to combine them good with the logo, the crest and the sponsor.