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AC Milan and Inter Milan have presented their plan for the new stadium

The future of San Siro in a joint statement published by the two Milanese clubs

AC Milan and Inter Milan have presented their plan for the new stadium The future of San Siro in a joint statement published by the two Milanese clubs

After so much talk and contradictory statements (the last of which, coming from the mayor Beppe Sala, speaking of the 'Giuseppe Meazza' stadium as the venue for the opening ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympics assigned to Milan and Cortina), finally something came concrete about the fate of the San Siro stadium: after a careful and profound analysis, conducted over the last few months, of the various existing options (including the restructuring of the Meazza stadium) and based both on the best benchmarks of international stadium and district projects of entertainment (almost all made 100% new), AC Milan and Inter Milan have in fact released a long joint statement in which they describe the project just presented to the Municipality of Milan and which concerns the future of the stadium that made the history of Italian football, which therefore will be torn down by shared will to make space for a new venue that will be joined by a multi-purpose center.


The project's details

The plan, literally 'Economic Technical Feasibility Project', is therefore the first official step that will forever change the history of the two clubs, which will continue to be 'roommates', but of a modern and innovative structure. According to the joint plan, the new stadium would born in the same area (owned by the Municipality of Milan and currently in concession to the two clubs) where 'La Scala del Calcio' is (just close from the AC Milan and Inter Milan headquarters, respectively near Portello area and City Life district) and will have a capacity of around 60,000 people, about 20,000 less than the current one. But that's not all, because the note also speak about the re-evaluation the contiguous area with the creation of a multi-purpose district dedicated to sport, entertainment, shopping and games, which represents a gathering place able to welcome citizens, fans and tourists 365 days a year, employing over 3,500 people. The expected spending, considered essential to equip the two clubs with a venue that can grant their future ambitions, is 1.2 billion euros, the result of private investments. In the note there is no reference to dates or presumed beginning of the works.

The work schedule

The press release also describes the operational process: the project compiled in accordance with the c.d. Law about Stadiums and will be based on the granting of a 90-year surface right assigned through a public race, for which the two clubs will have a right of first refusal. When and if the proposal will be accepted by the Municipality of Milan in terms of feasibility, the clubs have promised to complete the application, providing a insert into the final project the names of those who will take care of the works, after a careful selection involving the best international architects specializing in sports infrastructure. At the same time the needs of the community and mainly of the inhabitants of the San Siro district will be taken into consideration.

No doubts

AC Milan and Inter Milan fully agree on a new construction, considering it the best solution, both for clubs and for the city of Milan, to guarantee quality standards and levels of safety, sustainability and accessibility. No hope, therefore, of a restructuring of the old San Siro, given the numerous doubts about the results of a massive intervention on the structure and the possible coexistence between the activity of the two clubs (which would be reduced and eventually moved) and a possible construction site.