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Five football matches to watch this weekend

The Hamburger derby above all, and then the rest: Balotelli and Arsenal vs United

Five football matches to watch this weekend The Hamburger derby above all, and then the rest: Balotelli and Arsenal vs United

Have you had time to digest the great football menu of last week and the many emotions lived during the European matches midweek? The weekend that awaits us is really inviting and we are ready to delete any invitation: on Sunday we do not want to have any meetings to dedicate ourselves only to watching football, and the only partner we want to have is the remote control.


Lecce - Foggia 

quando: Saturday 9/3 at 3pm

dove: 'Via del Mare' Stadium/DAZN

We start from Saturday afternoon with the match 100% made in Puglia between Lecce and Foggia, Giallorossi against Rossoneri: on one side the Liverani team looking for points to keep the upper levels of the standings, on the other the Padalino guys that wants to escape from the relegation zone. From a match like that we expected a lot from the fans, even if unfortunately there will not be the away supporters who were ready to invade the 'Via del Mare' stadium.


St. Pauli - Hamburger SV

when: Sunday 10/3 at 1:30pm

where: Millerntor

Do not think that we are crazy, but the Hamburg derby is the most awaited match of our weekend: two completely different teams that embody two lifestyles and two opposite worlds with an eye to the standings, as they are divided by just four points: Hamburg is second, St. Pauli fourth, and there will battle for heavy points to hope to come back into the top flight. You just have to find a way to watch the game in some way: they play at Millerntor, in the alternative/hipster district of the beautiful German city, and it will be infernal. 


Sampdoria - Atalanta

when: Sunday 10/3 at 3pm

where: Marassi/DAZN

It has become a rarity to watch good Serie A matches on Sunday at 3pm, and for once we are full of expectations seeing Sampdoria against Atalanta, two teams that usually make us have a lot of fun. Zapata against his past, Quagliarella for the top scorer place: the challenge is full of meanings, also because it is worth a lot in terms of ranking. All the teams strongly point to placing a European spot and this is a real head to head.


Arsenal - Manchester United

when: Sunday 10/3 at 5:30pm

where: Emirates Stadium/Sky Sport

We still have in mind the the win of the Manchester United, that full of youngsters triumph at the Parc of Princes in a historical way: four days after the undertaking the Solskjaer team will have another great effort to face, that of the Emirates against Arsenal. A fundamental challenge for the fourth place race, that in the Premier League also regards Chelsea and that is very uncertain. Little reminder: a month ago in the FA Cup already won the United, which is still unbeaten away with the new Norwegian manager.


Olympique Marseille - Nice

when: Sunday 10/3 at 9pm

where: Velodrome/DAZN

The last derby of the day is that of the French Riviera between Marseille and Nice, and the spotlights are all focused on Mario Balotelli, the great ex who will face for the first time his past and his previous coach, Patrick Vieira, with never had the right feelings. It promises that the Velodrome will be almost sold out, both for the hype of the match and for the Balotelli effect, always decisive in the last matches.