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The most beautiful football jerseys with the chevron

A traditional, historic, beautiful template

The most beautiful football jerseys with the chevron A traditional, historic, beautiful template

The football jersey with the V on is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and original football templates, perhaps less used compared to the vertical or horizontal stripes motifs but equally rich in history and tradition. The shirt with the chevron is unique in its genre and, during years, has always offered fabulous jerseys, which have that V, the first of the "victory" word, that contained the past of a club and sometimes all its success. Do you know when the first jersey with the chevron was born? It was 1927 when Brescia adopted for the first time this special and innovative template. Since then, many teams queue up to Leonessa, who also for a single time (Foligno, Arezzo or Pumas or, in recent times, Wolfsburg and Anderlecht, for example), building around the jersey with the V on its contemporary and its future.

Today, to celebrate this awesome jersey, created in years by the most known football jerseys producers, we rally the most beautiful jerseys with the chevron, between certainties, surprises and memories. 


Brescia (home, away and third kit)

Brescia, a historical Italian football club which we have beautiful memories between the 90s and the first years of 2000 and that now is returning on top thanks also to its talent on midfield, Sandro Tonali. The Rondinelle had the honor to have with them footballers like Pep Guardiola, the first Andrea Pirlo and, especially, the last Roberto Baggio, who wear the iconic blue jersey with the white V on to mark the chest, an immortal use that we love particularly. 


Vélez Sarsfield (home, away and third kit)

The Argentinian Brescia's counterpart is Vélez Sarsfield, a team that owns a long history in Primera Division, able to win ten national titles and one Copa Libertadores. Vélez, just like the Rondinelle, adopts a blue jersey with a white chevron, inverting colors for the away matches. So, when a friendly match?


Club América (home, away and third kit)

The Club América Mexicans will not be attached at the chevron like the two precedent teams, but it's a fact that there were a few seasons in which they surprised everyone with their picturesque and colorful jerseys from the big V on the chest. The Mexico City team is among the most prestigious in South America and many times, above of winning trophies, it's also able to win the virtual award for the most beautiful jersey.


Rangers (third kit 2011/2012, Umbro)

The last Rangers' third kit before the bankruptcy was this incredible signed Umbro jersey from the bicolor V, red and blue. A solemn shirt, that has that particular aura that just the legends have. An excellent result that we all want back now that the Scottish are back on top in their football, managed by Steven Gerrard.

This isn't the only Umbro jersey with the chevron: we also remember the Canada one (home and away 2011/2012) and the Northern Ireland one (away 2011/2012).


Manchester United (home and away 2009/2010, Nike)

For the first season without Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United has proposed two special and original jerseys. The home version, red with the black V on, the away version, black with the blue V on. The result is curious and, honestly, better than we were expecting.




Bordeaux (home, away and third kit)

Bordeaux is one of the few teams indissolubly tied at the jersey with the V on, a tradition that continues since decades and that has offered authentic masterpieces and collection pieces during years. White, blue, red or pink, the French jersey presents almost always the faithful chevron, this one resistant at sponsorships changes too, above the time.


Mexico (home and away 2006, Nike)

2006: at the German World Cup, Mexico debuted a jersey among the best of the tournament, green with a white V on and an Aztec theme designed on. A simple jersey at all but decorated by the detail in the chevron, even more visible in the away version, where the shirt becomes white and the V green.


Spain, home 2013, adidas

It was 2013 and Spain was still European Champion and World too. How to show the Roja value if not with a jersey that courageous to expose a tight yellow V on a red background? This is the way like Sergio Ramos & Co. come in at the 2013 Confederations Cup, then lost in final against Brazil.

However, it's due to cite the Schalke 04 (away) and Fulham (home) adidas jerseys, that had the same template for the 2013/2014 season: the Schalke one was white with a tight navy chevron around the collar while the Fulham one had the same chevron but black.


Germany, home 2014, adidas

After the South Africa 2010 failure, Germany came at the Brazilian World Cup with a totally different attitude, debuting with an original jersey, white with a red chevron on the center of the chest. Dressed like that, Germany didn't lose a match and won the World Cup, and we like to think that part of the credits is to be attributed at that never saw and so scary shirt.


Celaya, home and away

Surely the less prestigious club until now, Celaya has however something that they can share only with Real Madrid: they had Emilio Butragueño with them. The Mexican club jersey is very simple, although this many vintage pieces are among the most rare at all, clearly with Butragueño's name on the back. A curious fact: during the last two years of his career, Butragueño could rebuild the legendary merengue offensive trio with Hugo Sánchez and Míchel, who were at Celaya before their retirement.


Bonus – Brindisi (home, away and third kit)

A large white V cuts the jersey for the the home matches, while the same jersey at inverted colors dress Brindisi in the away matches. So very similar to the Brescia's one that of the Apulians, now in Eccellenza (the fifth grade of Italian football) and never been able to reach Serie A, between a bankruptcy and the other.